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Default iPhone/iTunes?

yesterday i borrowed some cd's from a friend and downloaded into my music library on itunes. when i tried to sync the iphone i kept getting a message like "an iphone has been detected but itunes is unable to identify it" and "an unknown error has occured".
i was attempting to download and sync like i always do (same pc and phone)
i called tech support (from a land line) and while we were on the phone it magically started to sync the gentleman told me as soon as it completed the sync to disconnect the phone, uninstall itunes and then reinstall itunes and then re-sync.
when i disconnected the phone, it was like a brand new phone, no contacts, apps, pictures, music, etc!!!!
after two more tech support calls and another uninstall and install, i have my contacts and apps back. the music is kinda there; the playlists show up, i can "click" a playlist and the songs show up but they are gray instead of black and i cannot "click" a song to play it.
i still get the same two error messages when i connect the phone to the pc so it will not sync.
please tell me someone has had this happen and knows an easy, cheap (free) solution. i am eligible for an upgrade but i'm trying to hold out until fall for the iphone 5. this one is a 3gs, btw.
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