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Default BB & Jack

OK Bailey Boat I see you are on a posting spree today.....are you hitting that clear bottle with that nice carmel colored liquid in it that is to the immediate right of your tool box once again? Are you in a safe place and need to be carrying that unconcealed, golden, splendid liquid? I know you need a permit (stating you are atleast 21 YO) to carry that stuff and if I was carrying I would also carry my Jack as well loaded with the standard 5, 158 grain hollow froze cubes.

Kick your feet up and enjoy it is 5 o'clock somewhere and it is to see the Alphabet store myself.
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Default RE: BB & Jack

Damned, I must be so transparent that people can see all the way through me…….. Rick, that’s one of the reasons I went wireless in my laptop, so I can sit in my shop, converse with Doctor Daniels and post on THT….. If life got any better, I’m not sure I could handle it……
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