Neighbor problems

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Default Neighbor problems

I have lived next to the same neighbor for 14 years. She has never been married and is in her 50's. She has problems with just about everyone in the neighborhood. We have avoided issues with her till now. She constructed a piece of fencng out of 2x4's and lattice and attached it to our $300 per section aluminum fence. It does not comply with the zoning ordinances in our zone, but the best thing is it's on our property by 2 feet. We asked her to take it down without playing the "it's on our property card". She refused so we called the zoning office who made her remove it. Now there is a war going on. She has called the town complaining about a shed we have up for 14 years. She calls the police for everything. Any suggestions?
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punch her............?.........
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Call zimmerman
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Call AL Sharpton.
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I hope it was worth it. She sounds like a handful and has nothing better to do now other than to make you lives miserable. Sometimes you need to pick your battles. Dont get me wrong i am not saying you should have to live with her BS fence.
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pics please
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Never wrestle with a pig - you'll both get dirty, and the pig will love it
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Ugh! Good thing you posted!! Ok! We had the same kind of house frau old maid living next door to us in NJ. Single and a real bitter nut job. She had a scam going where she would befriend men at the church that were in the trades -- hire them to do work and then make them so miserable that they would be happy to get out of the house -- never getting paid. The problem with it was that her house kept getting broken into. Mind you, I lived in a super-safe area and the cops knew what was going on.

I'm telling you that part to set up the story.

I was putting in about 300 linear feet of 6 foot shadowbox fence back in 2000 or 20001 when I got my dog. She came over yelling and screaming that she was going to call the Police because we didn't have a permit and all about how we had to tie her fence return in with ours, etc. etc. etc. My father and I are working the the auger (two-man auger) and she ranting and raving. My father walked over to her, had a few psychotic words for her -- and, in so many words, told her to go back in her house.

The police came over and literally said, "Listen, we're going to pretend like we're talking to you about your crazy neighbor - we want you to nod, and shake our hand and we'll be on our way... nice fence." They then left.

Mind you the town had no permit requirement for fences (only that they were under 6'). A few months later she hired a tree company to trim some trees -- she ended up trimming a bunch of branches that were 6' on MY side of the line. I went ape shit on her -- I mean, full ape.

At that point, she realized that I, or my father, were insane.

She never said another word to us.

When we were selling our house, my Mother In Law (who is very soft spoken) was tending to my property. Church lady (that's what we called her) came over to my mother-in-law and told her how she needed to come over to her yard and pick up branches that had blown into her yard. My mother-in-law went ape on her. Never another problem.

So... you should be able get your answer. In a fully legal way -- all you need to do is let her know that you, and your wife, are certifiable. They'll never bother you again.

Oh... Church Lady... there's a c*nt I'm happy I'll never have to see again.

I'll never forget when she called the town on my neighbor about his shed. Poor bastard didn't want to listen to me on how to deal with her. That bitch made him move that shed 3 times. In the end all three neighbors that surrounded her walled her in.

I should tell you the story about the poor slob who redid her paving job for her driveway... poor bastard.

Oh yeah... Church Lady. Haven't thought about her in almost a year. LOL.
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Originally Posted by bumster View Post
I hope it was worth it. She sounds like a handful and has nothing better to do now other than to make you lives miserable. Sometimes you need to pick your battles. Dont get me wrong i am not saying you should have to live with her BS fence.
I agree with picking battles. We have let so many things slide. This was the straw that broke the camels back.
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Great story Pete.
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one of the great challenges and accomplishments in life and business is getting your way from others, while having them believe it was their idea...It can be done..

Sometimes you've got to swallow your pride and toss a bone if you want the bone to return.. Work on her, be a human, not an angry neighbor. You can get your way without giving much up.


Or you can do it Pete's way, that may work also.....
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Post her address to the official Occupy website that she is a 1%-er bragging about how she suppress the other 99%.

Note: when you do, be sure to put a "we are the 99%" poster in your window, just in case.
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It's all about escalation.
She needs to know ( or at least think) that you're prepared to go all in.
Otherwise it's detente, if you're lucky.
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I had a tenant that had a problem with a neighbor like you describe, we all tried diplomacy first, no luck. We ended up getting a restraining order prohibiting her from any conversation with our tenants. We never had another problem.
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I would take a shit right in her mail box.
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I like my neighbors at arms length. I would just ignor her, she will go away.

My neighbor and I share a driveway. He is probably 80 and we always got along. I have this Pear Orchard Tree that was overgrown and is full of birds and grew into the side of my home and growing over the drive. I mentioned to him I was going to remove it. The next day he left a note on my truck imploring me not to remove, he enjoys the birds and would share the cost of trimming. He also had one on his side that was growing over the drive. I told him I would get them both trimmed, pick up the tab too. Had the aborist over and when they went to trim his up he had a shit fit. I reminded him he agreed to it and he proceeded to call me a damn lier. Haven't said a word to him since. Well the tree is overgrown again and it will be taken down next Thursday.
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I've had a few problems here and there over the years. Usually from tenants but one lady across the street decided to call codes on us, not once, not twice but a few times. All bogus. I never really understood why but I finally had it.

I saw her out one day and walked straight across the street with just a few words. Saying that if codes came to my door just "one more time," they would be speaking to the greasiest lowlifes I could find to rent too. I "probably" wouldn't have done it but apparently she took me at my word. There have been no more visits since that day.
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I had a problems with a neighbor and decided to just not pay any attention to them. I put up a 6' wood fence and then planted a hedge on my side of the fence. It grew 12' high and completely blocked my view of her house. It was well worth it.
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If, at 50, she doesn't have respect for the LAW, and YOUR property, I'd leave her be - but TELL HER THAT - unless she gets in your face about it. Then, politely tell her to f-off. She KNOWS better - but just won't admit it. Must need a boyfriend or new batteries? ;?

Now - is YOUR shed in compliance with the zoning czars? ;? Make sure it IS or she will make your life a little more miserable than she has already.

If she's "in to" calling the cops for everything, chances are they pay attention to her about 1/2 the time.

I don't see her as one of the "neighborly" types that you would want to be friendly with, anyway.

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Sure feel sorry for all who have bad neighbors.

We have great neighbors all around us, pot luck lunches on summer weekends.

My barn is used for birthday parties or other special occasions.

Neighbor boy mowed our lawn today, without asking, did a perfect job. Now if we could only get someone to do the edging.

When we hear footsteps on the roof it will be a neighbor cleaning leafs out of the gutters.

One neighbor plants a quarter acre garden each year and repeatedly urges us to take what we want from the garden.

Again, So sorry for you folks who have awful neighbors, guess we just got lucky.

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