My son solo'd yesterday!

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Default My son solo'd yesterday!

Pretty awesome day.. For BOTH of us!!
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Neat!! He seems cool, calm and collected...

Great memories are made like this...!


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You must be very proud.
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congrats !!!!!!! quite the accomplishment....Cool calm and collected!!!
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That's awesome.... I remember my fist solo when I was 18. I guess he'll have his ticket sometime this year?
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I love it...Good for him!

I soloed almost 50 years ago in a Piper J-3.
Have logged many,many hours in military and privates aircraft since but that first flight still remains my favorite...and I think of it often.

Welcome to the club.
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Wow. Very impressive. Looks very confident and smooth. Not that I know a thing about flying, but that's the impression I get from watching the video.

How old is he?
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I give you the most props for being supportive of your kid and letting him do things like this. I think that is awesome!
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congrats! I hope you weren't there watching. That would totally suck to be scared and proud at the same time.

Impressive crosswind taxi technique. Normally that doesn't sink in until later in the primary training does it?
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Way to go, and congratulations and best wishes for a long and safe career. I had my first solo some 30 yrs ago, C-172, wonderful time in my life.
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Congratulations! Been flying 36 years, Cubs to L1011s. CFII since 1980. Soloed my son 2 years ago. A truly Magical feeling. Your son looks good, tall for a 152.
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VERY cool - and a great job! Kudos to YOU for letting him do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first, I thought the windshield wipers were running too fast? ;?

Only single engine I have ever been in was about 25 years ago, from Plymouth, NC to Richmond, VA. Really enjoyed it (3 of us), even though we had to go around a small storm. Got to ride up front and it felt like I was in a Volkeswagon.

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CONGRATULATIONS!! good for him!!!!!!
I remember my first solo. I was 31
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and If he loves it, stand behind him all you can.
Friend of mine in HS father had two planes. They all were members of my fathers church. Kelly and I were playing Ping pong and his father came out and started playing with us. After a while he said he had to ask us something. Wanted to know if we wanted to learn how to fly. There was a catch. Kellys father got to take us down to the barber shop and get all that hair cut off our heads like he wanted. Bye Bye hair. LOL
Kelly now is a vet pilot for United and owns Fly Boy aviation. Has two homes and moved his parents in the ranch home where his personal air strip is, his own disk golf course and his toys.
We were both 15 when this happened. Kelly solo in 15 hours 15 minuets. I did mine at 15 hours 45 minuets but my parents could have cared less.. They were not really supportive. Didn't even make the field the day I did my solo.
Copied Kellys link on face book. I'm sure you son will enjoy seeing the photos and if he can't view them have him friend Kelly and just tell him he's a friend of Luke Foster and I told him to contact Kelly. I'm sure he's excited enough on his own but those photos of his Kellys man cave, hanger and plantation will blow your mind and get him started.. . Kelly also is the one that started disk golf which is becoming right big from what I understand. Got some training on 3D flying in the RC yesterday. Thats something else you son might enjoy.
Tell your boy to follow his dreams and you support him in every way you can. Kelly is a prime example of what it can lead to.......

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Thanks guys, I solo'd on that same runway in 1983 in a Piper Tomahawk. Very emotional moment for me to stand there and watch him do it while listening on a hand held.. He's 17 now, and hopes to have his private pilot license by summer, interment rating and commercial by graduation from high school next year. He's about 5'11" so its a tight fit in the 150.

Getting to his solo has been a challenge scheduling wise. We've had some beautiful weather here in SW pa., but the winds haven't always been favorable, so when he does get to to go up there has been a crosswind almost every time, hence the understanding and developed crosswind technique. There was a pretty good crosswind that day.

The flight school at the airport has had a higher turn over recently of their instructors. They jump ship when they can on to bigger and better things... Nature of the beast. For every lesson he has had scheduled, I'l bet more than half were cancelled because a charter flight came up and the instructor would fly as first officer on it, or the weather wasn't good enough... So when he actually could connect with a CFI, and the weather was good enough for at least touch and go's, they would go. He's got around 15 hours, and took his first "intro" ride about a year ago in a Piper warrior.

He said it was "the best day of my life"..

Thanks for the comments guys, I'll make sure he sees them.

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Congrats to him!!!

I solo'd on my 16th birthday, in a C150. I also instructed in one, years later. I was about 6'3". Talk about tight fits...

All the best to him for a future in aviation. Make sure he gets some training in the basic mechanics and maintenance of fixed-wing aircraft. He certainly doesn't have to go earn an A&P ticket (unless he wants too...), but turning a wrench or two with a GA aircraft mechanic would serve him very well in a career as a pilot.

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very cool.
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Default must be proud!

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