Wife says its "time"

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Default Wife says its "time"

My jaw almost hit the floor. I was watching one of those gun shows on Discovery last night, when my wife walked in and said that maybe we should get a gun. I was like....ya....OK......

But she was for for me.

The only gun I own is a shotgun that I used when I pheasant and deer hunted years ago. Not really a avid hunter anymore.

Any advice on where to start looking? Types? Brands? Can't really afford to spend a ton on them, but I literally have no idea where to start. My first thought is when we are off island to hit Gander Mountain.

The local police have concealed classes every couple of months which we have to go to .
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Are talking carrying as in concealed weapons or house gun?
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What crime do you have on the island? littering? fornication in the woods?
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Ok Andy,

First off, your talking home protection, so that helps in narowing some things down. I also will assume from your prior comments that you are not a gun family or have much experience with handguns..

A revolver (any 4 inch barrel Smith & Wesson, Ruger or Colt in 38 special or larger) would be an excellent choice. They are generally easy to operate and work when needed and will have ample capacity and firepower. Getting a 4 inch model gives the pistol plenty of weight so it wont kick that bad so the wife wont object to shooting it some. You can also seperate the ammo (speedloader) and the gun fairly easily if you have kids possibly in the house.

A 20 or 12 guage shotgun is an excellent choice for home defense (Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 with an 18 to 20 barrel are the classic models). The benefits to a shotgun as it has some spread to the shot and being a shoulder fired weapon it lets your aim much easier and it will naturally point easier. #4 buck is a good shot for stopping an intruder and not penetrating as 00 buck. Downside it will kick some and most females dont like them and it generally is cumbersome to load for females.

A Glock is an excellent handgun but it is semi automatic. It is high capacity of at least 15 to 17 rounds of 9mm or 40 cal (Glock 17, 19, 22 or 23) you must know basic drills for failure to feeds or jams BUT they are very reliable. The most common problem for a female is she must not limp wrist it or it will jam.

An Ak 47 or AR 15 are short enough and both will work for home defense. They both shoot a powerful round and have to be considered over penetrators when going through drywall but a shoulder fire weapon has advantages of increased accuracy built in due to them being easier to accurately aim than a pistol.

A revolver is a very safe bet and easy to learn on, easy to train on and fairly easy to learn to shoot accurately..

A glock will be fairly easy train on, is very accurate (in my opinion for a handgun) and has good firepower and capacity.. long trigger pull and no external safetys but the finger stays outside the trigger till your ready to shoot.

Shotgun, excellent all the way around but intimidating to most women as it is a little hard to load and kicks...

Rifle, good weapon but can overpenetrate...

Whatever you decide take a safety course and see if you can soot some different guns before you buy to see what you want... all of these are fairly simple to seperate guns and the ammo except for shotgun...A shotgun takes a bit more time to load for the novice shooter and is a bit more cumbersome for women to work the action...

If you have any specific questions, let me know...As much as you have helped all of us on the forum we all owe you..

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Excellent advise from Cracker!!! I took my CCW course at a local shooting range. The instructors were very good at recommendations. They had at least a dozen different brands to try out during our live fire exercises as well. If you don't intend to carry, at least take a gun safety course (wife too).
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"What type" is as loaded a question as "what boat" is best.......get ready for info overload.

A couple years ago my wife went from no guns in the house, to the kids should know a little about them, to she has her own even though she shoots infrequently. We both now have our conceal carry permits. Whatever you buy....GO SHOOT IT REGULARLY

I second the ease/simplicity of a glock but we have a revolver too...personal choice IMO.

I too have a couple shotguns that are suited for in home defense. A semi-auto will be more "idiot-proof" in a stressful encounter and recoil somewhat minimized. My wife is small and with young kids I purposefully bought "youth" model 12 and 20 gauge shotguns. They have a shorter stock/length to the trigger so a little easier to manuver in home. The 20 kicks less yet still provides a reasonable pattern. I'm grabbing the 12 gauge, she/kids can grab the 20 gauge.....again, personal choice.

I have a couple rifles but see them as the last item I'd grab. Rifles are better than nothing but a shotgun/handgun would be best for home defense IMO.
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If its for in home revolvers are great as the safety won't cause confusion for her in a panic.
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Originally Posted by Schmaltz~Herring View Post
What crime do you have on the island? littering? fornication in the woods?
Betcha you keep binoculars or have a Telescope at the picture window at your office dont sick SOB..
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Originally Posted by Boataholic View Post

Excellent advise from Cracker!!!
+1 with regard to the double action revolver. Very simple and reliable. Full or half moon clips are simple to use for a quick reload and no need to practice clearing a jam/failure to fire just pull the trigger again and it moves on to the next round. And while I would not recommend it for protection a similar double action revolver in .22lr is cheap to shoot/plink and would be less intimidating for women and younger shooters.

@cracker - I am assuming you are talking about No. 4 buck or do you mean fine shot?

In any case the Remington 870 20ga LT is a very reliable and enjoyable shot gun for small game and wingshooting. A replacement 18" barrel with a cylinder bore would allow you to use it for both defense and sporting purposes.
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Originally Posted by Cracker View Post
Whatever you decide take a safety course and see if you can soot some different guns before you buy to see what you want...
This is great advice. A lot of ranges will often allow you to rent guns to see what you like. One thing I would highly recommend is to let your wife pick out her own gun. Preferably after she's fired a few.

I picked a Glock for mine. Just wasn't a fan of the revolver look, wanted a semi-auto. After I got my CWL, my wife wanted to get a CWL as well. We planned to get her a gun after the class.

For the class, she took my Glock. She had previously commented that she wouldn't want a Glock. They were ugly, etc. During the course, she shot mine, and being a lady, a few of the guys in the class offered to let her shoot a few different ones. After the class, we went to the gun store, and bought a Glock. After the class, she didn't want to look at anything else.
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listen to cracker
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Watch your back....
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great advice above! i'd try and stay away from the "big box" retailers and look for a "mom & pop" gun shop. they might not have the selection but will likely have more knowledge and take more time with you and your wife. also, you don't need the most expensive one on the rack if you're on a budget, get decent weapons and spend the rest on ammo and practice!
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Originally Posted by Schmaltz~Herring View Post
What crime do you have on the island? littering? fornication in the woods?
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Her "it's time" intuition seems to be spot on with the mindset of the general population. I just renewed my permit last Feb for the 5th time, every 5 yrs in Ct, and in prior years I'd be lucky to see one other person getting their photo taken by the part time counter lady. This past time there had to be at least half a dozen couples, all in their late 50's and higher, along with 3 or 4 guys aged across the spectrum getting their new permits. They expanded the counter to two manned full time proccessors. I couldn't believe how busy they were, and this was on a Fri early afternoon. Times they are a changin.
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I don't know what your wife looks like, but I certainly like her attitude!
Good advice from Cracker
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Another "What Cracker said". I will say this; my daughter was not a "gun person" but decided she finally wanted one. We got her a small revolver (she's 4' 10''). When we got to the range, she was profoundly more impressed with the Glocks. I thought for sure she would like the simplicity of the revolver, but after shooting the Glock's she wouldn't even consider the revolver...go figure!
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House= double barrel shot gun and or a revolver

You can always keep them loaded no springs safeys or buttons for you, but mostly her, to have to fk with point and shoot.
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glock 17, ruger sr9, springfield xd sudcompact
own em all glock is by far the simplest and very easy to disassemble
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If my wife said it was time to get a gun I'd get a bullet proof vest first.

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