Computer gurus, please help

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Default Computer gurus, please help

Here is the situation. My dad has 2 of the Sony Vaio VGN-FW140E computers. He got a bad virus on one. My brother brought home a disc from his college's IT guy, and told me that it would wipe computer clean and reboot Windows 7. The computer had Vista. So I started the reboot process, and once compete, I found out that it was not Windows 7, but rather a Windows 8 Beta, which is pretty much garbage.

I took my dads other Sony Vaio computer, and made recovery discs. I tried to put the recovery disc into the infected computer, but it give me an error. Is this because it is trying to restore Vista files, but they are no longer there, since the computer is running a Windows 8 Beta?

How can I get his computer back to Vista? Thanks!
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You have a bit of a problem. Where are the disks that came with the computer? Recovery disks are unique to the computer they were made on or for. I may have a copy of Vista. I I do you are more than welcome to it as long as you pay the shipping
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Call Sony.. For a small fee they will send you the origional discs for that PC..
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Try reformating the hard drive...complete wipe out. Then try using the recovery discs. At that point they will only see the matching number in the computer's BIOS that will tell the software that the computer matches and then the install of the recovery software may work for you.
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Basically, what you need to do is get a copy of windows that auto boots. Because your computer had vista, that's what you'll need. You can find it online in torrents. Then on a separate disk download the drivers that are unique to your computer, pretty sure you can find it on Sony's website. Combine the two and your problems are solved.
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The manufacturer is your support path on these OEM preloaded systems and the other poster is right, they will send you the restore disks if you can't find yours. There is usually a generic operating system disks to that basic model but will work with just about anything if you are willing to track down the drivers. I am still an XP guy but I have XP disks from Dell, Compaq/HP and IBM. The only difference is the driver load.

They may also have a true "restore" disk that loads all of the preloaded applications and the OS. YMMV

You will still need your activation code from MS but that should be on a sticker on your machine.
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My pc knowledge stops at xp. But unless radical low level changes have been made... Or at least in xp and previous windows os's, to reinstall an OS you need to run "fdisk" before the current OS starts to load, (pressing "f8" or "f2" as soon as power is turned on. You may get some options such as booting with disc drive support, etc. Using fdisk delete your current hard drive partitions and recreate. This process will lead you to reformatting and completely removing any traces of previous os. A lil web research could clarify this process. (especially for vista, 7 & 8. Also os's require a serial # to install, often on a sticker on the bottom side of the laptop with a windows hologram. They are specific to the OS. If you want to run a different OS you must have the # for it. You're best bet is to use the original os that came with the laptop. But at this point with other os installations attempted you'll have to figure out how to re format your hard drive. Good luck.
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You didn't even say what the error was it gave you.
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If you have to reinstall, you can delete all the partitions and format them from the Windows install (unless its changed since XP).

Next make sure you have a good and up-to-date anti-virus on them. I've had good luck with Avast, I use Avast free on all my personal computers.
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on some of the systems i sell, they have a partition on the disk which contains the recovery software. call tech support and see if that is the case with crappy Sony systems.
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Sledge every time.
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the disks from the other computer will only work on the other computer.

the original install data may be on a hidden partition on your broken computer call sony tech how to activate it.
sony can supply a disk with the original install data call sony tech.

dont reformat dont muck around with other peoplesdisks , call sony tech support this happens every day to every brand of laptop (except apple)it will be quite easy if they have to send you a disk there will be a small charge.

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