Any Car Audio Gurus in here??

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Default Any Car Audio Gurus in here??

Looking to upgrade the stereo in my civic.... I just want more sound than the factory unit but not overkill, I don't want to hack the car all up..... I used to be into car audio a lot, worked at a shop as an installer but that was 15 years ago....seems like lots of things have changed..any input would be appreciated..........
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Crutchfield compatibility chart maybe.

Will show DIN sizes, plug n play speakers, etc.
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Not a guru but an enthusiast. I pretty much went for what you're describing. I simply have a 10" sub replaced my factory mids and hi's (same size just aftermarket) and all wiring (this is key). A single channel amp for the sub and the deck is enough to push the mids and hi' probably should get an aftermarket deck - I would recommend Alpine. All of my speakers and amp are Infinity. They make some good stuff...and I'm pretty picky. Obviously if you don't want the bass just leave out the sub and amp (and save a grand!).
If you worked in audio 15 years ago you're probably used to seeing 6x9's in a custom box.
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Lol, I was reading your post about being in the stereo business years ago. I did the same thing about 20 years ago and the new technology is nothing like it use to be but for a standard amp, receiver and upgrade speakers nothing has changed except companies like Crutchfield will tell you what will fit without modifying the car. 20 years ago what ever the customer wanted we made it fit.
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