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Default Home inercom systems

In the process of a major remodel and addition. While I hav access, I will be installing an intrcom system. not in need of the music option as I am separately wiring speakers to certain rooms for sound.

I am leaning towards Linear intercoms. They pretty much only have 1 basic unit that can handle the zones I need. Any others out there that members have experience with, good or bad?
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I have a Lucent Partner phone system that has the intercom built in. Works perfect and has never failed. Can page the whole house or just a room as needed.
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You want to buy and install a way for your wife to remind you about your honeydo list from any room in the house?
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what is an inercom? in enter room com???
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We built and decided against. Bought cordless phones for the rooms (6) around the house and you can page/intercom to any of them. Plus when we last were looking at homes some had intercoms and they seemed very dated. The technology is changing so fast... and will keep changing.

And heck, now we just txt the kids since they have the phones everywhere.

Can't help with your question, just letting you know what another option would be (and likely a lot cheaper).
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Originally Posted by ericinmich View Post

Bought cordless phones for the rooms (6) around the house and you can page/intercom to any of them.
x2. They are a little pricy but I have been very happy having these:

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I have installed several of the linear systems, but just recently looked at offering the OnQ Systems as well. They offer direct room to room communication plus monitoring of individual rooms (baby monitor).

Let me know if I can help
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I just yell
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Originally Posted by Walleye Guy View Post
I just yell
Heck with that, I just ignore....unless its for food.
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I just squeeze off a couple a rounds when I want the wife to bring a cold one
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Originally Posted by Ghetto Lobster View Post
I just squeeze off a couple a rounds when I want the wife to bring a cold one

I'm an Avaya dealer (formerly part of Lucent) and now that the Partner system has been discontinued I would go with the most simple solution possible - if any such system even exists.

Simplify, simplify, simplify
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