Cool iPhone app!

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Default Cool iPhone app!

Wife and I met my daughter and her husband (married Oct. 29, 2011) for dinner last night and then went to a Cold Stone Creamery for desert.

Some '80's and '90's music was playing over the store's speakers and we were guessing the song and artist (Matt is in a band) 'til we got stuck on one - I knew the song ("Get What You Give") but couldn't pull the artist(s) name out of my head???

Matt pulls out his 1Phone (I think that's what it was?), holds it up in the air for about 2-3 seconds, and then looks at it - "The New Radicals" he says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

It's a cool app that basically "processes" the sound and "searches" to come up with the info (song name AND artist)!!!!!!!!!!! Don't know the name of the app?

Anybody seen this before? Really a neat thing to have/use, I thought! Not sure what other capabilities this particular app has?

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yea its called shazam and i find it funny you mention this b/c this song was on the radio tonight and i had to do the same thing your friend did
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Really cool app. I use that one frequently myself.

Does anyone know a good forum reader app that is supported by THT?

I saw one on someones signature the other day but forgot to look it up and have since forgotten which forum I read it in.

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SoundHound is a good one too
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Called Shazam. Have it on my Droid. Pretty cool.
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Originally Posted by Deriso View Post
SoundHound is a good one too
SoundHound does the same thing as Shazam for Android users.....I gotta admit it is truly an amazing app!
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