Your list of jobs.....

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Default Your list of jobs.....

In response to the recent posts from ''kids'' asking how you have made the money you have or gotten to where you are in life....

I would like to ask...How did YOU get where you are today???

My Jobs:

PICKING TOBACCO at age 13 in Connecticut because it was the only thing a 13 year old could do for a summer job, it sucked but paid for my first dirt bike. My parents sure as hell were'nt going to!

WORKING AT GAS STATIONS, great jobs because I chose to watch the mechanics and ask questions. Learned a tech school degree's worth of knowledge from these jobs. I am able to do most of the vehicle maint. and repairs on our cars, trucks, and boats household mechanicals, etc. Wrenches don't scare me!

WORKING IN RESTAURANTS again a wealth of knowledge. I love to cook and people enjoy what I make them to eat.

BLASTING MONKEY AND BREAKING ROCKS IN A QUARRY, high school girl's dad was a blasting contractor. Hardest job I ever had. Used a jackhammer drill all day drilling holes for the dynamite to blast for pools, foundations, tennis courts, driveways, etc. When things got slow we went to work in a rock quarry balsting and breaking rocks with a sledge hammer.
THIS JOB WAS THE MOST VALUABLE JOB EVER, because, I learned, I never wanted to do this shit again!!!!

WENT FROM HIGH SCHOOL TO COLLEGE AND INTO SALES IN A WATERBED STORE, learned all I could about selling, made pretty decent money for a college dropout.

CAR SALES, best job I ever had. During the 80's you could still make great money working in a dealership, 24 years old making 6 figures and spending every last dime! Had the time of my life and met some great, lifelong friends. I also got a MASTER'S DEGREE in life at this job. Worked in the ''business'' for 15 years. Saw the changes coming and got out!

STARTED MY SIGN BUSINESS, no idea what I was doing, started with nothing and have worked it into a decent living. Time to back it down and move in a different direction (west, towards the beach). Have a few irons in the fire, hopefully they will work out OK.

No regrets, great wife and a great life!

So to you 20 somethings that think you deserve it now, or are ''stuck'' in a dead end job, loose the attitude that the world owes you something, take the ''crappy'' job and LEARN from it, Oh, and go dip your toes in the pool of life.

You might get burned but it sure beats bitchin' about it on some boating website!!
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Background...high school degree, no college, and I'm 58 years old

15 years old - 1st job was at a gas station
18 - 19 years old - Sherwin-Williams Company - Warehouse, truck driver for HVAC company
20 years old - Sandblaster

With this company for 36 years now (a major manufacurer of Ball and Roller Bearings)
22 years old - Warehouse
24 years old - Inventory Control
26 years old - Customer Service Rep (also eventually CSR Supervisor)
46 years old - Outside Sales

A great career path to learn your company and product!
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1st job was cutting grass 1 to 3 dollars a yard, took on a second job as well.
2nd job: stacking coke bottles $7 a week.
3rd Job: Guy purchase the store I was stacking coke bottles in and liked how I worked and hired my part time pulling parts at his auto yard $40 a week.
4th Job: Work at that auto salvage yard for 4 years got up to $150 a week in '72' I thought I was rich but got real depressed with the job.
5th Job: Guy come into the salvage yard needing a labor to mix mortar for blocks, work was slow salvage owner said I could go WOW made $35 a day $50 a week raise.
6th Job: After 4 years with the same guy working all masonry work and he drank a lot and pawn most our tools over the weekend and I kept getting the tools out of pawn, he made me half partner because I owned everything.
7th Job: My own masonry business, it was tough after working with the same guy for years working only jobs sometimes to get by as his drinking got worst so I got a chance while working on a huge shooping center to do my own job by myself worth $12k. I was really a hardworker and I'd do the exterior portions of the home I could reach the easiest then make a draw then buy scaffold that week and it just kept building like that. 30 years later still doing masonry, hardi plank, brick, stone, windows, remediation work for judgement cases, etc, etc.
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Background 47, High School Diploma, 1 semster Community College (could not stand be a student)

12-16 Paper Routes
16, worked on a corn farm, in the barn, humping crates of corn, extra days, hoe rows of horseradish.
17 -18 Gas station
17-28 National Guard Part Time
18 Seven-Eleven Midnight Shift Clerk
19 - Worked on a potato farm, irrigation Specialist - Meaning I moved water nozzels thru wet potato fields 12 hours a day 7 days a week.
19 - General Contractor's grunt - Did anything he asked for about six months
20-22 Started my career with the state - Photography
22-26 state - Computer Trainer
24-28 Taught at Community College Part Time (Same one I could attended for 1 semester)
26-30 State Computer Help Desk - Network Administrator
29-47 Scuba Instructor - Part Time
30-47 State System Engineer
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In order as best I can remember from about age 7. Not chores, just jobs I got some form of compensation for.

Planting pumpkins and squash.
Selling seeds
Selling Christmas cards
Making and selling potholders
Shoveling snow
Hoeing squash, picking corn and loading hay
Clearing brush
Grocery bagger and stock clerk
Substitute kindergarten teacher
Odd jobs for a fence and painting company
Parking/Driving cars for a dealership
Financial Aid secretary (work/study)
Airline reservations/ticketing/ramp
Farm Security
Selling jewelry at a mall booth
Corporate Travel (continous and ongoing)
Tour escort
Convention check-in clerk
College Instructor - Travel & Tourism
Carpenter's helper
Warehouse clearance
Property manager for a small family compound
Tarrif agent for a Tour Company
Lead generator for bath remodeler
Landscaper's assisitant

I don't like to not have income. When I got laid-off, I jumped on odd-jobs even though I had a 9 month severance package in front of me. I got "re-called" before that ran out so I didn't even get started on U/E payments. I was told I beat out several people for my current assignment, who just sat on their asses until the gravy train went dry.

Now I'm 51 and am 1 of 5 people out 18, to keep my job in a major re-organisation after being back in the department for only 6 months. Nobody could tell me what deficiencies I had that got me laid-off 3 years ago but most of the people that got cut this time had survived 3 rounds of RIF so I must be shining now, or they've been resting on their laurels. Moral there is don't get complacent!

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42 years old

1st- 13-14 years old working in gardens (tilling/pulling weeds) and mowing yards
2nd- 15 years old bagging groceries
3rd- 18 years old working in a cardboard box factory
4th- flipping burgers @ mickey dees
5th- US Navy
6th- Welding Inspector NDT Tech
7th- QC Manager for a Major Engineering Corp.

It took a lot of hard work and thick skin to get to where I am now.
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Wow...I see a common thread....everyone so far has at least had a job or two or three...and developed a work ethic that did very well for them in life...

I enjoyed reading Gator56 story!

And I bet we all have learned a thing or two at jobs we hated!

Mine isn't any different...but I loved fishing as an 8 yr old. It got me out of a home that was under siege...I won't go any more into that.....

So..I found myself mowing lawns when I was 9 to buy my first reel. No one else was gonna buy me one. And that is where all of my work ethic started. And thankfully it never left me thru a variety of jobs.

Picking potatoes the two years I lived in Maine. 12-13

Paper route, as well as cleaning a diner when I was 13-15

Worked in a drive-in theatre, closing it at midnight; getting up to go to high school in the morning. Drove for an auto parts store...just so I could get a discount on some rims for my Ford!

At 17 I left home..and struck out on my own.

Worked at a grocery store at the same time..on nights stocking shelves.

Worked at Sherwin Williams before I went away in the Navy. duty 66-70, reserves 70-72.

Service technician, Diebold Inc. Promoted to International Service tech as I traveled Florida, the Caribbean and Central and South America. 70-88

Owner of Thompson Security, Inc. 1988-1998.

Back at Diebold 1998-2008. Completed AssociatesDegree, Liberal Arts 2003

Semi-retired 2008 as many of us senior techs were layed off.

Started RicksReelRepair. Bought rental house. Bought/fixed/sold 6 boats the past 6 yrs.

Currently remodeling rental house.

Beginning class for 6 pac license in March. Nephew and I will be doing weekend charters, keeping our day jobs and making middleground runs.

Currently I am 64; Not interested in retiring and just playing golf...always looking for something to do!

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Alright, from a younger guy:
13-15 Mowed lawns for $5
15-16 Bus boy at Sergio's Cuban Restaurant
16-18 Making pizza at Papa John's
19-26 Joined the Airforce. Great experience. Not making the money I thought I could be worth
26-28(Present day) Dad is a General Contractor and offered to pay me what i was making in the Military with 1% bonuses on completed jobs. I'm pretty much a project manager without a degree. I know the formalities, and how to build without "getting my hands dirty" per say. It's just me and my father in the company so overhead is nice and low. Oh, and I just started on my Bachelors in Business.
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BACKGROUND - High School Grad, Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree, worked on a Masters not completed......wrote several magazine articles and published a novel

1st - Paper Boy for several years 5th grade through 8th grade
2nd- Worked at a Marina (High School)
3rd- Started a business Underwater boat cleaning (High School)
4th- Telephone sales and summer life guard (In college)
5th- Coca Cola Merchandiser (College and after)
6th- Heavy Equipment Rigger (for 6 months)
7th- Florida Marine Patrol Officer (Age 22, 7 years)
8th- Street Cop in large metro city (currently, age 46)

It has been a ride and I would not have missed it for the world. I am not rolling in dough but I have done things and seen things that certain men wonder if they could do. I get paid to play real life Cops and Robbers. It is nice to have money (I would guess) BUT going home and looking yourself in the mirror and being proud of the job you do and being able to help people is rewarding also and was one of my main goals coming out of college... Good Luck to those still looking for the right fit or that have fallen on hard economic times...

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Background : Assoc. in Business Management, Bachelor in Mech. Eng. some work towards an MBA

16-18 Line Cook, 1986 grossed 65.00/week
18-19 Waiter. 1988 grossed 125.00/week
18-19 Irrigation Specialist 1988 grossed 145.00/week
19 Rode a Trash Truck for a few weeks 1989 grossed 145.00/week
19 Dug Ditches 1989 grossed 145.00/week
19-21 Community College
19-21 Installed and recovered Pool Tables 1989 grossed 345.00/week
21-23 Old Dominion Univ.
24-26 Scuba Instructor 1994 grossed 245.00/week
23-26 Charter Boat Mate 1993 grossed 200.00/week on a good weekend
26-27 HVAC Mechanic then designer 1996 grossed 227.00/week
27- 28 Industrial Sales Hvac, Hydraulic, Pnuematics 1997 grossed 680.00/week
28-29 Manufacturer rep for Dehumidifier manuacturer 1998 grossed 960.00/week

29-35 Refueled Nuclear Carriers (CVN68/69) Classified
35-42 Oil Spill Manufacturer Sales Manager....Classified

don't know whats next, getting ready to turn 42 this year and looking for a new adventure...
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40 next week - Bachelors in Finance, and Masters
14-16 Dishwasher Kitchen Help in Restaurant
17-20 Busboy, waitstaff for the LA Dodgers Spring Training Facility in Vero Beach
20-23 Manual Labor at Upholstery Shop stripping furniture,delivery side jobs as mover with the delivery truck
23-24 Telemarketing Mortgages and accounting work
25-Present have worked in some aspect of Real Estate Finance / Banking or Default Mortgage Servicing. First job in this field included door to door collections in the hood, and paid 21K per year....

Most people dont like going to work.... At 24 I still lived in a fraternity house and was broke, but I worked and busted my butt when I needed money I could always pick up an odd job when needed. It is a long road to a good career people think you just get out of school and boom... you make $150K
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9-11 paperboy/lawn mower/snow shoveler
somewhere between 11 & 14, washed dishes in a small cafe
14-15 fry cook at Burger King [minimum wage]
16-20 seasonal work at department stores/Sesame Place Amusement Park/lot jockey at Reedman Auto World [minimum wage]
20-23 part-time night shift in warehouse [$10/hr] (while going to college part-time @ night)/unpaid college internship at health insurnace company
23-27 financial analyst at health insurance company after graduating college [$38k when I left]
27- now (40) Financial Investigator with NJ Supreme Court [$102k]
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I started working pretty young. I did the usual things of mowing lawns, paper route, collecting cans, etc.

I think I was 8 years old when I started a "bait stand", night crawlers that I would collect from yards at night by flashlight and sell them by the roadside during the day. I even made it into the Hartford Courant with a picture of me and my stand.

At 9 or 10 yrs old, I started working for a family friend mowing her lawn (several acres), doing odd jobs over the years. She was a world renowned expert on antiques and an author. She brought me into the business of restoring antiques and setting up antique shows. When I was 12, I parked cars for the shows and by the time I was 15, I helped in all aspects of her business and the maintenance of her property. Later, after I had a regular job, I helped her start a show in the Hartford Armory for what is now , I helped set up and run that show until her death.

After dropping out of college I had several jobs:

Map maker for an Aerial mapping company.
Heliarc welder for Pratt and Whitney Aircraft
Garbage truck driver for the city of Wethersfield CT.
Worked nights as fleet service for a trucking company
At 23 (1973) I started working for an oil company delivering oil.
At 28, I was the service provider as an independent contractor for the same oil company (I had 6 employees)
Spent the rest of my career owning a small HVAC installation and service provider till I had to "retire" at the end of 2003 for health reasons.

Now I spend my time going to doctor appointments, "talking" to strangers on the Internet and waiting for warmer weather.
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13 - 15 Picked vegatables at nearby farm / cut lawns
16 - 23 worked at a grocery store, shrimp boats, crew boats, shipyards, lifeguard
23 - 30 worked on tugboats, tankerman, pilot, barge fleets
32 - 35 dispatcher, fleet manager, in marine towing
36 - 45 operations manager
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35 now, HS, AS degree from CC, done w/ school, I never liked it.
10-12 cut grass
13-15 worked for Dad who is a general contractor
16-18 worked for Grandpa/Mom who owns a furniture store (old/big enough to drive and deliver furn. & got tired of my older bro shooting nail guns at me)
18-20 college full time but also worked construction in Gainesville 35-40 hours a week. Learned a lot about framing here, great boss, started out just as laborer, finished running a crew
21-31 back w/ Dad (brother moved on) took over his crew in about a year once he realized I knew what I was doing, spent my last 5-6 years w/ him basically running the bus.
31-present went completely sideways and started bus. w/ my FIL selling aircraft paint/primer, stripper, Permagard detail products. Been pretty happy but have always worked hard to get to next level, lots of long weeks along the road. New job actually allows time to be son's baseball coach:-)

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Publick Hi skool grad-you-et
No college. Man I hated school and the people there.
55 y/o, Married almost 28 years, two kids, 22 and 24 y/o.

As far as a paid job, I started late.

1973- 74- 16/17 y/o- Edgewood Cycles Parts Department- $1.65 hr.

Fall of 74- Residential construction as a helper for a family friend- $2.50 hr.

Feb 75- Start as a Commercial construction laborer, Division 9- $3.75 hr.

Laborer for a couple of years, buying hand tools when I could.
The guys typically worked in pairs/partners.
I would fill in for anyone that was out and was the other guy needed a helper.
I asked questions, paid attention, was there everyday with a good attitude and was willing to do whatever needed to be done.
Went to the ABC Apprenticeship School (that school sucked, I learned nothing. The teacher would play cards with the other "Cool" students) and The American Drywall Apprenticeship.

I took over the end of a project as the foreman before I finished school.
When I did finish the ADA school the director asked me to come back the next year to teach. It paid like $10.00 hr and the "students" would stay in the parking lot drinking till 7:15PM when school started at 7, so I said, thanks, but no thanks.

75- 99- Stayed in that line of work and only worked for 3 companies, Div.9, as a Foreman, roving Superintendent, then back as a Foreman again.
Never made more than $40,000.00

Jan. 6, 1992- Got my O.U.P.V. Captains License.

99- Present- Site Superintendent for a commercial construction management company. We do jobs from half million dollars +/- to 30 million +/-.
Most people think I went to college and all my associates did go to college.
We are not rich (money wise) but we are comfortable and raised two good children.


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I found myself in anticipation reading every one of these stories trying to see how they turned out!

background...48, High school diploma, some college classes.

12-16 worked in Tobacco, first couple of years priming, topping. Last couple of years in the bulk barns hangine racks- BY HAND! No wimpy winch for us!
18-20 Clerk at the neighborhood convinience store.
21 Surveyor for NCDOT, since SOME of my college was about civil engineering.
22-37 Design technician for a 1500 person engineering firm. elected "Technician of the year" twice.
37-42 Design technician for various other firms, but always annoyed by not being responsible for my own designs. At this point I decided I needed to do something about it and started studying nights and weekends to take the PE exam. In NC, and many other states they allow people with 20+ years of experience to take the exam. They figure there is little chance you'll pass it anyway, since the pass rate for college grads is about 55%, and it's mainly academic, so you need fresh knowledge of problem solving with varying degrees of algebraic complexity.
in 2007 PASSED the PE exam!

In 2009 me and another guy started our own company, and so far have made enough to pay ourselves. Whether we make it or not, this has been without a doubt, the best 2 years of my career!
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7th & 8th Grades -- Loan shark to classmates. Spent my recesses hanging at the vending machines. Made enough to buy a nice bike, then a mini bike

9th & 10th Grade -- unemployed (my family had moved to a better area and the other kids always had plenty of pocket change)

11th Grade -- re-wrote instruction manual for imported "scientific" calculator (this was in the early days of calculators), earned enough to buy my first car

College -- started a programming business, made enough to pay my way through. Realized that there was no future in software since it was so easily pirated, so decided to get a real job.

CPA -- that was fun, but after 2 years I realized that auditing was entirely retrospective. Figured that all the money was in the future, not the past, so I went to law school. sold some land I had purchased for enough to pay for law school.

Law School summers -- worked as "summer associate" for Wall Street firms. Compensation and perks were amazing.

Practiced law, became partner in firm, rose the ranks, but frustrating seeing clients making the "really big bucks".

Went to work for client, playing monopoly with their money. Win-win.
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Default jobs

Well I might be only 28 but I've had a few jobs good and bad. First job pulling wire for my uncle he had his own business 12yrs old. 13 to 14 cutting grass planting flowers for the judge in my county. 14 to 16 cutting grass on county roads in the summer contract work. 16 yrs old got out of high school half day for work study changed oil at a jeep dealership. 16 to 17 worked in a hydraulic shop rebuilding cylinders and pumps. 17 to early 18 worked for a tree trimmer cutting and chipping trees. 18 to 25 full time job installing commercial elevators at 20yrs old became a mechanic had my own company van and still be in the trade if the economy hadn't went in the dump. 18 to 28 work for a friend on weekends running heavy equipment.25 til now 28 work on a tug boat started out as a deckhand now im the chief engineermaking 67k a yr. Its not a bad job at all if you can stand being gone away from home. Im now working on getting my 100ton master 200 ton mates license. Most wheelman make at least 85k captains make over 100k.
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construction site labor
college student
bar manager
cell phone salesman
private caterer/cooking classes
hotel management
disaster response/cleanup
business owner (contractor)

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