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I was surprised to find a few family members that have money coming to them. Check it out see if you are on it. You never know.
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It's not that good. I am aware of a dormant account I have from a credit union, that I openned as a teen-ager. The balance was about $10 so I haven't botherred. It did not show up in this service but has with the several others that get posted here from time-to-time.
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Most states have laws required "abandoned" funds be reported and eventually forward to the state. They may also maintain an online database of all reported funds and the date they will transfer to the state if not claimed. Those 3rd party websites are surfing the state's online data that you can search yourself, directly. And the state's website tell you have to claim your money without paying someone else a fee to make the claim on your behalf.
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Hmmm. That site is unaware of the 4 Swiss bank accounts in my late uncle's name.

Good thing there's only about $1.98 total in all 4...
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In La. the funds go to the Dept. of the Treasury and you can browse their site and claim your funds. I had an old savings acct that I had forgotten about and got my $400 or so bucks from them.
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