Thyroid Cancer - Sucks

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Default Thyroid Cancer - Sucks

My best friends wife was diagnosed in December - she is like a sister to me and has been super strong during this entire ordeal....

Its been a long few months with several operations and lots of hospital visits...

Today she took some final tests - the Doctor said if anything comes back negative it could mean a 10% chance of survival ... WOW ... we really pray for good results next week...

Its a stressful time for them...

Life is short guys.... Enjoy it while we can
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Thoughts for your friends...sorry to hear that.
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Life can be such a crapshoot at times. There is no understanding of why children and others are taken from us due to serious illness, disease or accidents.

My thoughts and prayers go out to your friend, as well as my hope for a successful recovery...
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Praying for the best for them!

I agree with "life is short". Recently had a good friend I hadn't seen in awhile contact me - his wife had surgery for a brain tumor in Dec. and while they were operating, she had a stroke. In her early 40's, 3 boys under 14. Very sad - just absolutely blew me away and made me realize how fragile this thing called life can be at times.
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Very sobering! Gotta somehow try to live every day like it's your last, while at the same time planning carefully for a long life and responsibilities.

All the best to your friends, Triplenet! Lots of people are surviving (and thriving after) cancers these days that were hopeless not too long ago. Hopefully your friend's wife will be another one of those!
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Sad to hear that. Hopefully things work out for the best and there are many pleasant years ahead.
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Thoughts are with you.

I've been closer to cancer than I care to think about. 2 times with my wife. My dad, grandmother, and BIL all lost their battles with it.
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My Mom had it over 15 years ago and she is a survivor it was pure hell for her to go through it but thankfuly she made it. she has to take synthroid the rest of her life.My prayers go out to you
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Thanks guys... She gets out tomorrow and I will pass on your thoughts and prayers ....

Survival rate is pretty high if they catch it early - which in this case they did....

Scary shiat
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My thoughts and prayers go out to your friend. I pray for a successful recovery.
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God Bless her and her families and she's Blessed to have Friends like you. In Jesus name, Amen.
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Prayers to her, friends and family. Wishing them the best.

Cancer is another cold hearted biatch. It has taken many of my family members and some friends.

I got a call from my brother just an hour ago that a cousin we grew up with (and lived next door to each other so we were more like brothers) his wife has breast cancer and is going to have a double mastectomy in March.

What do I say.
I love them and my prayers are with them also.

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Prayers go out. I read recently that thyroid cancer is on the increase in part due to dental x-rays . It is mucho important to have the dental hygienist place the lead neck shield on you when you have x-rays.

I recently went for a cleaning and check up and was due for my 3 year film. They have a new digital x-ray device which uses 1/6th the amount of x-ray and no film. The image was transferred to the desktop computer instantly. Pretty impressive stuff.

Again our prayers go out to your friend for a speedy recovery.
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Prayers go out to you and your friends....that is really tough, here is hoping for a good report from the doctors...
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Ditto the above. Prayer for you and your family. My sister just went through this. She had a tumor on her thyroid and the docter advised her to not worry about it. She chose to have the thyroid removed. When removed they found cancer. She just passed her last tests last week and now only has to have a yearly check up. If she would have taken the doctors advice whe would have been much worse off.
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One of my best friends had 4 tumors, 1 was very large removed along with his thyroid.

30 days later took some toxic pill as treatment.
2 weeks later they did a scan that was "clean", if there is such a thing.

He goes for another scan in June or July, 6 months after his surgery. Hoping and wishing for the best for him and your friend.

My buddy is 52 y/o.

Cancer sucks.
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My aunt fought it for 10 years and passed 9-19-01. She left 3 high school age girls. Her's wasn't caught real early nor real late and would "come back" after a few years of remission. Seems cancer gets the best of the best in this society!!!!!
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My wife just went thru this, hyroid cancer is a real bitch. However, it wasnt her first run in with it (cancer). She had a total thyroidectomy, both sides were removed right side was 25mm and left was 21, normally they are under 2mm. We spent 2 nights in the hospital and she was back at work in 7 days. We were extremly lucky.

Be strong for your friend and his wife. Life is short. Dont let an oportunity to say or do some thing pass by. is offline  
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Some thyroid cancers are curable others are severe and not known for positive outcomes however, each patient is different and just because a doc says 10% chance of anything doesn't mean it's so.

Docs often give timeframes and sometimes they are way off or way wrong.

I hope the best for your friend's wife and all involved. Don't let the doc's opinion act as the final answer.
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