Wireless network at home

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Default Wireless network at home

Plan to but a new laptop with wireless network capability. Also plan to upgrade desk PC to wireless.

Should I convert it using a PCI card?? or USB wireless adapter??

Which would be faster ?

Plan to install the cable modem and wireless router in another room, outa site ...outa mind.

Thoughts and suggestions??
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Default RE: Wireless network at home

PCI will be faster access for the pc, but the wireless transmitter itself will be the limiting factor for either approach. Both can be accessed far faster than the wireless is allowed to transmit.

One thing about the usb, it's fairly easy to break.
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Default RE: Wireless network at home

And make sure you lock it down dude.

I am "old school" my house is wired with RG6 and Cat 5 for video, phones and data.
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Default RE: Wireless network at home


If I may suggest one thing though...

Why go wireless on the desk pc? Personally, I prefer to connect it diretly to the router with a network cable and only allow the laptop to go wireless. This eleminates one more back door for someone to enter into our system. It also keeps the router close to the PC, which is after all where most people want it so it can be reset/configured.

Completely agree on locking it down. Do a search as I and many others have posted up some good stuff here. Basics would be as follows.

1. DO NOT BROADCAST your signal. Have the PC's specifically look for the router/hub. Look for "Wireless Broadcast" and disable it.

2. USE WEP ENCRYPTION - If someone does actually find your network, this will further block out 99% of the local kids/hackers and they will just opt to use your neighbors' feed that wasn't locked down.

3. allow only enough computer connections on the router as you have. For instance, I allow ONE wireless connection and that is it. I also designated my own IP so the router will only allow my laptop which has the right login and password (which the laptop had to initiate communcation with) and the right IP. Then when connected the signal is encrypted via WEP.

As for the WEP encryption... Don't get caught up in the all the hype of you need to do this or that and must be runing 128 bit to be effective. That's BS. The point is to make your system a pain in the butt to hack into and if your system is one of 20 wireless networks in your neighborhood, then chances are they will simply pass yours up and go to the unlocked door.. That is IF they can even find your network - remember, your router isn't advertising to the world "Here I AM!"..

Hope this helps... Knowledge is the key!
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Default RE: Wireless network at home

Ok I'd go PCI because it will be out of the way and will cut down on the wireing although the usb is easier to install. Also on securing DO NOT BROADCAST YOUR SSID this will cut down on 99.99% of people getting on your network also LIMIT ACCESS BY MAC ADDRESS this won't let anyone on except the ones you say to unless somehow someone found out what one of your mac addresses is but that would be way to complicated to do unless we're talking about the CIA or someone also this should seam obvious but CHANGE THE DEFAULT SETTING its way too easy to to get into an encryted network when the password is still admin

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Default RE: Wireless network at home

I'll agree with HOPSPOT and ReelWork. I'd hardwire the PC, there really isn't that much "stuff". Basically the modem and the wireless transmitter. I got a little different situation. I have microwave internet connection so I have a radio and a router. I had to buy an access point instead since I already had the router. Added a range extender and can get an excellent signal just about anywhere in and around the house.

What laptop you looking at? I bought a Spartan and am tickled to death with it. Here's a link. I did add a few upgrades such as 512K, 2.8 GHz, and a 60 GB drive. The main thing I liked was the battery life. It says 7-10 hours and that is on the high side but I can get 5-6.

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Spartan.
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Default RE: Wireless network at home

I use a linksys router with 4 port hub. My speed blazes. PC is hard wired with ethernet; laptop is wireles with a linksys card. These router are made by Cisco. Never a problem and they configure themselves. Amazon has it for $50 with a $10 rebate. BTW, get wireless G or the combo.
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Default RE: Wireless network at home

Yup got mine set up for MAC addy access only.
I liked the D-link DI-524 for a router,it has a very good range( didn't have to boost the signal)
the speed is great . I plan to network my laptop with this desk top, and an old desk top later this
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Default RE: Wireless network at home

As already suggested, I'd hardwire the desk PC.

For the laptop, use ALL security measures possible. My work REQUIRES me to use 128-bit encription, but in addition I disabled SSID broadcast AND restricted access to only the MAC addresses of my two laptops.

With some of the stuff hackers come up with, you can't be too safe....
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Default RE: Wireless network at home

Thanks guys,

I bought a DELL M600 and the Linksys WRT54G router. Not sure which way I'll configure the desktop PC.
Goods are being shipped as I type.
Security will be my top concern.

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