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i know its a long shot but please keep your eyes peeled. you never know where this stuff will pop up...

Break-In 1/9/12 6:15am-
At 6:15 on 1/9/2012, a single individual backed a green/possibly blue mini van through our loading door, destroying everything in it's path. Surprisingly, the van was not damaged that much...maybe rear bumper and some roof scrapes. The scumbag proceeded to run through the store, destroy 2 reel cases, and steal a large number of reels. The alarm functioned as expected, and the SO only missed this guy by a few minutes.

The reels were mostly conventional and larger spinning reels. All Penn and Shimano.

We are not hopeful about recovery, but would like everyone to be aware...when you find a "deal" on new product with no boxes, they're usually stolen from people like us. These smash n grabs are a routine, and people wouldn't do it if they could't sell the stuff with minimal chance of their "customers" turning them in.

Insurance is great but it takes a lot of reel sales to make up our deductibles. In this case 2 deductibles, since the building was heavily damaged.

Whether you like us or hate us, please think twice about supporting these low-lifes.

The other thing I'd like to say is that we are seeing more an more people will not act when they see soemthing wrong. They don't want to get involved. At least 2vehicles passed by when the alarm 1st sounded, yet 911 waqs not called until we received the call. I am not for a second suggesting trying to stop a burglary in progress, but PLEASE call 911 if you see something...anywhere.

Sorry this is a downer, but it's a little hard to take.

PK & Erich
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