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Default Docominiums?

Are they worth the investment or is it just a fad that started big 15 yrs ago and is in the process of dying a slow death. About how much are the usual monthly association fees, do you have to pay property tax, how about financing?
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Default RE: Docominiums?

Many boaters find them worth it when faced with the alternative of no dock at all. Dockominium budgets will vary project to project and be directly related to how good a management company there is. Generally, the developer will have arranged some financing, but not always. The true test of their worth is to look for resales and see how the value has held up. If there are NO resales, then the project must be doing somethign right. Here in Florida, boat registrations are increasing at a faster rate than the population growth, and the number of public boat slips is being reduced each year. Simple market dynamics will tell you it is going to be harder and more expensive to dock your boat - thus the acceptance in some areas of dockominiums. Then there are also rackominiums, for those who don't want to keep their boat in the water.
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Default RE: Docominiums?

As mentioned above, in FL dockominiums etc make sense...Many marinas are being bought to be converted to condos. Some counties will not even issue permits for new marina/barns; hence there is a shortage here in FL...Just like in real estate, location, location, location is the most important factor...
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