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Default Lug nutzzzzz

Went to do brakes on my wife's car (the brakes make a funny noise she tells me), and all the lug nuts were over-torqued. I was able to get all of them off except for one, and on that one, the nut rounded off, and the socket got jammed on it. So now I can't do the brakes (it's on the wheel that was over-worn), and there is a socket stuck on the nut. Stopped off at Jiffy Lube (only place open on Sunday) to see if they could get it off, but they didn't have 3/8" impact wrench.

Any ideas how I can get this off?
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Maybe a torch will get it off.
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Do YOU have a 3/8 Impact wrench?

If so, get the stuck socket spinning and pry it away from the wheel with a pry-bar. The socket should come free eventually.

If you would prefer to use a 1/2 Impact, you can get 1/2 to 3/8 adapters at any decent hardware store. Im not surprised Jiffy Lube didnt have one.

When you get the socket off, use the correct sized socket, or a large stud extractor (after soaking the lug liberally with PB Blaster). Heat Wrench (torch) helps, if you can get it cherry red. El Cheapo propane torches usually dont get hot enough, but the ones with Mapp Gas do..

Or, take your wifes car to a real shop that's used to dealing with these things.
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I had a car with cheap lugs once and had this issue. I got them all off and then replaced them. Using the 6 point socket helps. You could also take a slightly smaller metric and pound it on with a 2 pound hammer and try. You could heat it up like Min Now said. It is a real biatch if you have already rounded it pretty good. Good luck
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I was kind of surprised they didn't have a reducing adapter as well. I don't have an impact wrench (very limited on air tools). I think I may just wait until tomorrow and bring it in to a wheel/tire shop and let them **** with it....
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Permatex Anti Seize them when done.

This is dumb but a major set of vicegrips and heat? Doubt they will work but you never know. If not, grind it off or split the nut, etc and replace the stud when you can.

Sorry and wish you luck.
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A muffler shop with an acetylene torch can heat the nut up real quick, will come off easy.

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It's a 1/2 inch impact wrench by the way...proper socket, breaker bar and a piece of pipe...
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Get a nut cracker and bust the lug nut. I would not be to happy about using any heat around an inflated tire. If the socket is still stuck take a hammer hit down on the socket. If its 3/8 it will break pretty easy. Chances are it already has a crack in it. Next time use impact sockets and air tools in 1/2 or 3/4 drive. They are fairly cheap at Harbor Freight and for home shop the quality isn't real bad. Easier and that is what they are designed for.
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Breaker bar with a big pipe does one of two things.

Loosen the nut or snap the stud.

NEVER use a 12 point socket. 6 or nothing.
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When you use an impact wrench using a reducing adapter is not the way to go. The extra joint absorbs some of the hammering.

NEVER ever use a 12 point socket on an impact wrench, all it does is round off the socket and the nut.

I'd be real careful with a torch. No need to go all the way to red hot. Heat with a propane torch, spray with a little water, try nut, repeat. It will eventually come loose.
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Do not put any antiseize on the studs,you will over torque them.
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Yeah.... tire places put the lug nuts on with impact wrenches. They never tourque them to specs. And as stated don't use anti-seize. The tourque spec is dry.
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FYI - stopped by mechanic this morning, and he said no problem. Gets on his impact, and hmmm.... it won't budge with his everyday gun (he did get the socket off). He had to use a higher powered one, and even then it took quite a while, but he got it off, Didn't bust the stud, either.

Just finished the brakes, amd all is well with the world, or at least the wife's car.

Thanks for the input everyone.
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