Winter humor

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Default Winter humor

As we woke up to some snow today, I thought this would bring a smile to everyone who has the winter blues...

Gotta hate when that happens
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Default RE: Winter humor

So that's how my car got cleared...
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Default RE: Winter humor

Time off in purgatory if you clean of your OWN car as well as someone elses. Put a brush head on a stick and it makes it a snap. Plus payback comes in spades. For example...

I live at a school in a house right next to the maintenance dept garage.

During the tail end of one of our recent blizzards, I cleaned off all the guys pick-ups and other vehicles so when they came back after removing snow all day they, could just drag their aching backs home and go to bed before tackling the drifts again the next day.

It was clearly much appreciated and I have not had to shovel since!

Practice regular acts of random kindness!
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