painting a plastic bumper

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Default painting a plastic bumper

the lower bumper on my camry is cracked. i was wondering if anybody had dealt with this company's parts:

Can I buy a preval sprayer and spray matching paint and clearcoat? Am I insane? The quote I got from the body shop was 750 to 1000 to replace and repaint the bumper, so I thought I would try something cheaper. Any help appreciated.
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Harbor Freight has the cheap-o equipment to do the job.
Go to a auto paint store they have the stuff that works on plastic.
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How about a junk yard? Same color bolt right on.
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I bought one of the Harbor Freight HVLP guns for $30 and I can tell you that a brush gives a far better finish than it does. You don't need a $600 Iwata to do the job, but you ought to figure at leas $150 for a gun that provides uniform atomization.

When you buy the paint, make sure they know you are going to use it on the bumper so they can add a flex additive to the color coat and provide you the right primer. Or you can search for "Camry painted bumper" on eBay and buy one painted and ready to install.
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The elastomeric paint additives have been around since 73 when the Corvette came out with the rubber front bumpers. Any good NAPA store should carry what you need. But a good enough gun will be required.
I like the idea of searching junkyards and Ebay first....
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I drive a Suzuki Ignus and we need to make sure the car is in good shape to get it registered every year(Bermuda). I tried the spray gun, paint store to get the right paint, looked like crap when I got done. Now I just use a spray can from the hardware store. Plastic bunpers.
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Purchase your new bumber cover and the visit R&E paint supply on line. Purchase Bulldog adhesion promoter, a couple cans of paint (matched to he original paint code of your camry, and a couple cans of their 2K clear coat. Done for about $70. I've done this on a few vehicles and each has turned out flawless. It's easier than you think....

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If you buy a new bumper cover make sure you get one preprimed. It will save you adhesion promoter primer and aggrevation. If you get an unprimed cover do not clean it with a solvent as it will reactivate mold release agents and paint will not stick. I use glass cleaner on all plastic parts.
I do auto body for a living and get 250.00 to remove, paint, clear and reinstall a bumper cover. Figure about 3 more hrs. to strip a peeling cover add 125.00. Shop around for a small independant that doesn't have a big overhead.
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