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The reason to have a land line is so others don't have to listen to your personal business as you chat on your phone like a 16 yr old high school girl. This way you can get your personal phone calls that are not important or an emergency at home in private.
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About 9-1-1 service. My state (or maybe the FCC?) requires a de-activated landline to remain functional for 9-1-1 out-calls. The service terminates at the box because the line was cut when I got cable based service. For anyone with minimal skills it's a breeze to run a piece of phone wire to an internal point. Something to think about for those who want an emergency backup for guests or the baby-sitter to use if needed.
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I am surprised no one mentioned Vonage - I think I pay 14.99/month local and long distance. It is 500 minutes per month local and long distance. Never come close to using that. The only reason we have it is for the alarm to dial out. ADT says it wont work with Vonage, but after having the FD and PD show up over the last couple years for false alarms, seems to work fine.
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Originally Posted by seabob4 View Post
We have unlimited Long Distance through our Brighthouse package. Phone, Internet, HD cable, $115/month...
Comcast charges 170 for that here - you are lucky.

WEE keep the land line cause its free for US and Canada and almost free everywhere else. Unlimited calls for our cell phones is more than I want to pay for a 5 phone plan. So keeping the comcast land line (which is basically free if you get TV and internet) is just cheaper. It is also nice to have 2 systems. I was away once on a boat trip a few years back when ATT and Verizon both went down in a large power outage and only sprint cells and the local phone co (now ATT)land lines had service.
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Go with Magicjack,$ 19.95 a year,you can talk long distance all day long if you like.
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I've heard magicjack loads your PC up with lots of trackers, cookies, popups?
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Have not found that to be the case.
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We dropped long distance about 8 years ago and just use the cellphones for LD.
My Daughter was living near Atlanta. We caller her to tell her something, and the call was 2 minutes (by ATTs meter). The charges were: .50 for the 2 minutes.
$6.00 for the taxes, tarrifs, the LD access charge, etc. I called about it and they said something like: "if you don't use it, we don't charge. If you use it for 1 minute, all the charges apply, and the rest of the calls do not apprecially increase the taxes. So the $6 is there for 2 minutes or 20 minutes. Do you understand that?"
I said "yes I do. Cancell long distance service but keep the residential basic."
They charged a one time fee of $5 for cancelling it.
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