Buck Fever- Bowhunting

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Default Buck Fever- Bowhunting

I'm really disappointed at myslef I wasn't able to take an easy shot at my first buck with a bow (6pt). I was sitting in my stand, and heard footsteps slowly coming from directly behind me( I assumed it was only a doe). So I decided to just be still and let it come on around me. I hear the footsteps getting closer and it must be 5 yards from under my treestand. Well as soon as it shows itself, my heart instantly starts pounding. Probably the worst I've ever felt it under any physical exertion. He moves on ahead a lil further and is now directly ahead of me at 10 yrds, milling around with his nose on the ground. At this point I'm deciding should I just remain seated and pull back on him when i get a chance, try to queitly stand without making noise, or just sit tight and wait for him to move a lil further out. During this time he's tuning into his surroundings, with his nose in the air and using his ears as beacons. He turns his head directly opposite of my direction, with one ear turned back toward me. I thought this might be my chance if i can be quiet. I thought rather than stand and risk making noise, i'll try to pull back on him in a sitting position. As I start to swing my body around, my arm movement makes the slightest rustling of my wool coat (with the wind blowing 5-10mph). He does a one 180 and looks right up at me, and I freeze. Well he gets spooked and takes off gingerly 15 yrds away, and out of a clear shot. I wait to see if he might come back this way, but I know there is no way he would. He hangs out in that general area for about 10 min, and then I noticed the top of a sapling thrashing around while he is rubbing his antlers. As it starts to get dark I climb down and he is no where around. In hindsight I think I would have been better off standing when i heard the footsteps. He is probably only one of a very few bucks in the area. Do you think he'll come around again? Or did I blow my chance?
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he'll come back. i have a love / hate for bow hunting. fun to be so close but much harder. i've gotten spoiled with large fields and rifles in the last couple years.
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If he stopped 15 yards away and just hung out, he will more than likely return. Deer will usually travel their same route until the food supply is gone or they are spooked too bad. What i would have done was to stand and get ready for the shot when you firsr heard it coming. If not that, then wait for the opportunity to get off a shot. Whistle quietly as you stand. That will almost always freeze a deer. Then don't delay, get the shot off. Good luck.

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