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Default Can't fix stupid.....

Recently in California, Humpback Whales have been feeding unusually close to shore. So idiots in kayaks and paddle boards go right to the spot they have been feeding and one breaches just feet from them. The article says a kayaks was capsized the other day and a sail boat was hit. I know the whales aren't carnivores (of the human type) and you're in no danger of being attacked, but that's alot of mass that can lead to some major problems if it breaches and comes down on you.
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I thought it was illegal to invade the space of whales - knowingly?
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Originally Posted by Garett View Post
I thought it was illegal to invade the space of whales - knowingly?
About 20 years ago several members of the dive club I am also a member of saw a distressed whale (humpback I believe) that wa caught in some fishing gear (netting). Without a second thought, they jumped in and approached the whale. A couple members literally looked into its eyes as they spoke to it while gently touching it. Several of the other members cut it free. Amazingly, the whale carefully swam away a short distance and then slowly submerged, almost as if it was being careful not to hurt its saviors.

When arriving back in p-town harbor they were greeted with law enforcement (Harbor master, Coast guard and state police. "Qualified" whale experts were also there staging for what was going to be their rescue. Apparently they can speak whale and can cut it free more safely. They were nearly arrested on the spot and all put in jail, but apparently the official in charge thought it better to tear them a new A-hole and belittle them. They ultimately were released.

After telling the story, which included much more interesting details than I can relate, they all stated without hesitation that knowing what they know now they would do the same again without hesitation. The connection they made with the massive creature (at least in their minds) was one they said would live with them forever.

I believe humpbacks and certain endangered species of marine mammals have protections prohibiting approaching within a certain distance (100 yards for humpbacks and 500 for wright wales i believe).
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