Vinyl Fence install cost

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Default Vinyl Fence install cost

So I'm thinking of having a fence installed around my yard. I live in Massachusetts and I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what it would cost. Not looking for the fanciest vinyl fence just something functional.

180' of 8' tall fencing and 120' of 6' tall fencing.

Thanks guys
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Not exactly the same as what you are doing but I just bought 200 feet of 4 foor picket and 3 gates for $300 used. They charged me an additional $1,000 to install it including concreting the posts, etc. So for me the install was about $5 per foot.
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I live in Mass, had a fence put in last year. I bought 6' ( x8' sections) cedar fence and they charged me by the post to install the fence. I think it was $70 per post. The 6'x8' sections of fence were about $119 per section, plus had to buy the 5x5 cedar posts. I installed about 100' of the fence and I think it was around $2500 or so. I shopped around for a while between Mass and New Hampshire and this was the best price I found. I went to Agawam Fence in Rowley, Mass which might be a little too far North for you, but who knows.
I looked into vinyl fence. You can get the cheap stuff from home depot for $50-$60 per section, but it just seemed like junk to me. When you get into the higher end, more durable vinyl fence it was pretty expensive ($150-and skyrockets up from there per 8' section) Your best bet is to shop around. Good luck!
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In florida mine was $28 a ft + gates . If you get gates get a welded aluminum frame style gate if they are over 4ft.
Also ask about the aluminum reinforcement in the bottom channel , corner posts and gate posts.
Mine has lasted through 3 80mph -100mph storms with winds and still standing strong.
Make sure you seal the caps well as up there you guys have freezing weather and it would suck to have a split fence or post
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Plastic is about 2x the cost. I'm getting bids for some rental properties right now. Don't get the white. Go with the tan one.
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My parents have about 2500 feet of it. I'll ask them the cost tonight

They have had the white in some fields for over 15 years now with horses rubbing all on them and everything and the majority of it is just as clean as it was 15 years ago. The parts where the horses chew, well that is a different story
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