Appreciate what you have......

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Default Appreciate what you have......

I’m traveling this week so I have some time to surf around at night and let me tell you something, if you ever want to REALLY appreciate THT, go to some of the “other” boards. I don't want it to seem that I'm picking on newbies, these quotes came from folks with high post counts and I went to several (won’t mention names) and they are good for laughs compared to what we have here. I know that not everyone is as pro as our guys are, but give me a break here. I read threads like “What to do about skinny dippers?”, “I put 90 weight gear lube in my gas, did I hurt anything?”, “How do I power launch?”, and probably my favorite, the guy that posted his boat this week as stolen, IN AUGUST OF 2001 !!!!!!!! I guess the old saying is true, “If you really want to appreciate what you have, just look around”……. I think I’ll buy another wheel and stick around here with you guys, if you don’t mind…….???
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Default RE: Appreciate what you have......

Nope don't mind at all.
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Default RE: Appreciate what you have......

The sad thing is you are so right..

THT is one of a few boards that I can call my internet home.
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Default RE: Appreciate what you have......

It sounds more like entertainment than information! I guess the sad part is that some people rely on that info.

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Default RE: Appreciate what you have......

IMO Bailey said it all.

There is one other local GA board that I frequent which sets the high water mark for civil debate. Great local fishermen use that board and they share alot of info like people do here. I would have been banned for life if I said half of what I have stated here, which is ok. While the other board is very civil and informative on local marine matters, this board is extremely informative on all aspects of boating/fishing/electronics and the debate is more free flowing but not to an excess. Great members = great boards = great entertainment/learning. Thanks Wiley.

BTW - talking about funny posts.... I saw a readers question that was put in Boating Magazines recent issue. The guy said he had a 20something Bayliner that would only go 35 mph. He wanted to see if he could get the boat up to 50mpg! The editor said he could only do that if he: i) put a second engine in the boat - no room for that option; or ii) put the boat on a trailer and headed down the highway!
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Default RE: Appreciate what you have......

This is one of the most knowledgeable, and informative forums I've found. The
participation by people with experience in boating and fishing, and their willingness to share it on a regular basis, with each other and newcomers also
is hard to duplicate.
A quick thanks to all of the regulars who check in daily and contribute thier time
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Default RE: Appreciate what you have......

Has anyone sen my pet rock and mood ring I lost while surf fishing Hatteras in 1978??? Will yammalube work in my Honda OB as transmission fluid???

BaileyBoat I know ye has all the answers please let me know.....Heading to Ocracoke Sunday for a duck me my buddies will be bringing the meat home, not me!
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Default RE: Appreciate what you have......

Tireless - 1/12/2005 8:19 AM

IMO Bailey said it all.
. . . you guys are rght . . . this is a classy site visited by great people
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