CO Detector saved our bacon...

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Default CO Detector saved our bacon...

I consider myself a pretty cautious and smart guy who rarely gets myself in a bind. When Irene whipped through and knocked out power brought around the portable generator to the back house and snaked the heavy duty cable through the window (1/2" crack) to power the panel as I have done for many storms before. About 5-6 hours later the CO detector (hard wired through ADT) went off in the basement. ADT automatically calls FD, even though I told them I knew what was going on. Had the basement ventilated enough by the time the FD showed up that they turned around and left right after they tested. Talking to one of the guys, we speculated that even though the generator was about 15' from the house and the window was only about 1/2" the wind must have shifted enough on the backside of the storm to suck the CO in.

Long in the short, as much as I gave my wife crap for spending the money to put this in years ago, I think it easily just paid for itself. The basement is finished and the kids could have been easily playing down there.... So make sure to check your CO detectors with the Smokes and crap, if you don't have them get them.
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Originally Posted by Boat Hound View Post
CO detectors with the Smokes and crap, if you don't have them get them.


If you have any kind of appliance that burns a flame it is very important to have CO detectors in the house. (Furnace, stove, water heater, etc). If you are 100% electric then no need for CO detectors, but keep those smoke detectors working.
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