Pop Warner 2011

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Default Pop Warner 2011

Any coaches/parents/players out there?
What a fun time of year for our family. I have peewee tightend (nickname: Sugar) a miteymite tailback (nickname: Cold Cuts) and a peewee cheerleader.
We start loggin miles this labor day wknd..
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Youth league football is the most fun and best learning experience a boy can have. My son played and I coached (assistant) from 1st grade until he played in high school, a total of 6 years. He learned alot about teamwork and effort and sportsmanship. I can tell the difference in his friends that did not experience youth football.

Enjoy every minute of your kids season!
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Bob I've seen the same with my boy only via baseball and to a lesser extent soccer. Baseball seems to be more universally loved by the kiddos but I have asst coached both and enjoyed the heck out of it. What a great feeling to look outside and see the neighborhood kids organizing their own ball games!

I think soon we will begin to see his friends segregate and identify themselves according to hobby and I am thrilled to think my son will tend towards the sports playing group. The less time my kids spend being told what they want/like/think by a tv/game/computer the more room in their heads for their own thoughts.
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My sons first year at Tiny Mites. I'm a Hockey/Baseball guy and never played the foozball. I can honestly say this is one of the best coaching experiences i've been involved in. "Meat" is having a blast starting fullback. My youngest girl cheers for TM and my oldest cheers for Junior midgets. Great organization
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my boy took this season off. Although I miss the game day saturday stuff, I kinda am enjoying the break from it all. He will enter high school next year and then I am sure his desire to line up at LB and hit someone, ANYONE coming thru will take over again!. He is done with Pop Warner as I personally feel once in high school, you play high school sports. It was a great experience for him playing PW, I enjoyed the time as well. Good luck to your boys on the field and hope they stay fealthy.
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We wrapped up Pop Warner a couple of years ago. My son is now a 10th grader playing JV high school football and lacrosse. Pop Warner was a good experience for him and he learned a lot. It could have been made better by having competent administrators but alas, the people running our organization here are clueless.
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