My annuity came in

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Default My annuity came in

To my junk inbox today.

I think that I will buy a 40is cc with quads.

Here it is:

Dear Beloved,

I hope this message reaches you in good health (Amen). Truthfully, I am
very sorry to have browsed your email address from the internet to send you
this mail with out your consent or approval.

Please do understand. To start with, permit me to introduce myself to you,
I am Alex Smith I am 17yrs of age, from the Republic of Libya.

My father Hon. William Smith, the director of Smith Timber Company and the
one time special adviser to the Minister of Natural Resources was murdered
by an opposition Leader during the previous Crisis in my country (Republic
of Libya).

Before the death of my father (Hon. William Smith) during the early stage
of the war of my country, he revealed a secret to me that he deposited $6.5
Million USD as a family funds in a Security Company in the Republic of
Ghana.He asks me to leave Libya and come to Ghana, where I can find a
refugee camp and have peace for my dear live.

Having a meeting with my late father's Ghanaian lawyer, he told me that
all vital documents as regards to the deposit and claim of this funds in
the Security Company was handed over to him
by my late father.

We went to the Security Company for the claim of this funds but we could
not make the claim due to my father's laid down will for me to consult his
foreign business partner before the release of the funds which my father
did not disclose to me before his untimely death.

Now as the next of kin and the only Surviving child in the United Nations
refugee camp (Bujumbura) Ghana, I seek for your humanitarian assistance to
enable me claim this funds in your name as the foreign beneficiary and help
me receive this family funds in your country while you invite me over to
you for the sharing and investment in a lucrative production or business in
your country as it is the laid down instruction by my late father for me to
consult his foreign partner who will guide me in the investment in his
country due to Africa political crisis and instability in the African

Mistrust is like an axe on the tree of partnership but since only God
could ordain trust, I will be very grateful to him to build up such a
relationship with you in accordance to his will. I promise you with all
sincerity and a heart full of thankfulness to God that I shall give you all
true love and respect and I would be grateful to God almighty if you will
be kind, understanding and trust worthy enough to help get a better Life.

I promise to give you 30% of the total fund and 15% per-annual in the
investment as your benefit of assisting me a young refugee and a fatherless
child attains a better life. God bless as I expect your reply and thanks in

Alex Smith
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yup i got the same one 2 months ago .what a jughead lol
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Good of you to help this orphan. He has gone thru more than most. Make sure you also get the movie rights - I think there is an Emmy in here also.
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Originally Posted by Pierless View Post
Good of you to help this orphan. He has gone thru more than most. Make sure you also get the movie rights - I think there is an Emmy in here also.

You should be able to get Barbra Steisand and some other Hollyweirdoos to help poor Alex. I will call my contacts at the UN, Mr. Bajumba Gumba and see if they can form a commitee to also assist with Alex's needs.
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how in the hell is there a timber company in Lybia?
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Originally Posted by 11andy11 View Post
how in the hell is there a timber company in Lybia?

The Smith's have been logging there for a long time.
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You can walk for years in the "Great Sahara Forrest" before deciding on which tree to cut!
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Don't be a jerk - do it for free to help the poor fella out.
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