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Ok I have no idea what I want!!!!!!!!! First off, have a wonderful wife of 32 years that would like to cruise the ICW on occasion and would like to be dropped off on the sandbars when I am headed out of Bouge Inlet. Me, I have been looking for a good offshore boat, albemarle specificly. I love being off shore, just out of the sight of land is heaven to me. Wife gets sea sick and just doesn’t like off shore even tho she will go with me sometimes. She has a bad back so I need a good easy way to get her on and off a boat that I can beach at Cape Lookout and other places so we can do the beach thing. I’m not a hard core fisherman at all, just have been looking for a good ride because I fish just so I can be WAY off shore. Would someone PLEASE invent a combination pontoon boat and Albermarle!!!!!!!!!! ? Just rambling this morning guys, but I really am torn about this, about ready to say forget this and go to the mountians!!!!! ( never happen ) Anyone got any ideas?
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First you need a comfortable seat for her . . . look at the Glyde-Ryde . . . I have one for my helm seat and it is worth every penny . . . do a search and you should find a few threads about it.

Second you need a transom door to make it easy to get out of the boat and a fold down set of steps that are easy to negotiate . . . the steps need to get at least 12-14 inches below the water so it is easy to climb in

You need a boat with an I/O so that you can raise the drive when you want to "gently" beach the boat . . . and while you are at it make it a diesel with a jackshaft and you have a great offshore boat

I would call myself the worlds greatest inventor . . . but it has already been done
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It sounds to me like you are looking for a large planing cat with a bow mounted retractable boarding ladder.

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Be advised that late last year Garelick introduced a six foot, folding boarding ladder...locks aboard using two permanently mounted low profile brackets on gunwale, transom, whatever. IIRC, about $130.

I purchased one of the first production run for the handicapped "Admiral" better than anything we previously tried...

Google up "Garelick" or check with West Marine...that's where I purchased mine.

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