Feeling kinda low....

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Default Feeling kinda low....

I was over in the "bilge" and started thinking about my son-in-law. Yes, I've had a few cocktails. I lost him just over a year ago in Afghanistan. I posted about it then. I never posted a copy of his Bronze Star citation, but I will now. These are the people who go to war for us. I don't care your feelings about why we're where we are. It doesn't matter. Just remember those who go.

Injured by an improvised explosive device and unable to be reached by medical helicopter, Christopher J. Antonik fought through his injuries for 40 minutes, all while encouraging his men to stay calm and continue to fight through an ambush.
For his heroic efforts, Marine Staff Sgt. Antonik has been posthumously awarded a Bronze Star for Valor.
Antonik, 29, of Crystal Lake, died July 11 supporting combat operations in Helmand province. He was part of Operation Enduring Freedom and died after an insurgent attack.
Antonik, a Prairie Ridge High School graduate, was assigned to 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command at Camp Pendleton, Calif.
On July 10, he was part of a two-day mission with the primary objective of disrupting Taliban freedom of movement and action, as well as gaining local support for a highway construction project, according to a nomination form submitted by Capt. James Rose.
Upon arrival, the force came under small-arms and machine-gun fire.
Antonik organized and moved through freshly irrigated fields until arriving at the suspected Taliban command post, where he set up a cordon and began to establish security in anticipation of enemy counter-attacks, the nomination stated.
Under Antonik’s direct supervision, a cache of rocket-propelled grenade launchers, rockets, mortars and improvised explosive devices were identified, Rose said.
Enemy forces attacked Antonik’s position with small arms, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, and sniper fire from many directions. Antonik moved to an elevated position, “exposing himself to enemy fire in order to orient his forces to the enemy positions.”
As the fighting intensified, troops to the south were tending to a shotgun wound to one of the men, while troops to the north were pinned down by fire from several machine guns.
Recognizing the enemy’s control of the battlefield, Antonik organized an assault and positioned machine guns to cover him as he crossed 200 meters of open ground.
“Using grenades and his personal weapon in close-quarters fighting, Staff Sergeant Antonik pushed the enemy out of the area, killing two and wounding several more,” Rose said. “His actions disrupted the enemy attack long enough for the casualty to be safely extracted from the battlefield.”
Later, someone from Antonik’s own platoon stepped on an IED, resulting in a lower leg amputation and initiating another attack from enemy forces. Antonik organized security, pulled the victim to safety, supervised medical treatment while returning fire, and called for a medical helicopter, the nomination stated.
The wounded troop was evacuated and stabilized.
“Staff Sergeant Antonik’s crisis-management skills and ability to lead troops under fire saved the [man’s] life and prevented further injuries in a complicated situation,” Rose said.
The following day, Antonik was mortally wounded while leading his platoon across open terrain to secure an elevated position. He was struck by an IED and the blast kicked off a large ambush on the platoon, killing one person and wounding another.
Despite serious internal injuries and losing the use of both his left arm and leg, Antonik continued to lead the men under his charge, Rose said.
Because of the high concentration of enemy fire, a medical helicopter was unable to reach Antonik.
“His efforts inspired the men around him to overcome the enemy ambush before he finally succumbed to his injuries,” Rose said.
The Bronze Star is awarded to individuals who, while serving in the military, distinguish themselves by heroic or meritorious achievement while engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force, according to the Department of Defense
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Your son in law was a hero, and you have every right to be sad, and proud of what he did to save others.
May he rest in peace.
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I am sorry for your loss.

Thank you to your family for your sacrifice.

God bless and keep you
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Wow. What a man. Sorry for your loss.
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Never apologize for being man enough to show your emotions. You honor him by keeping him close in your memory and in your heart. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Thank you all, but it's not about me. I know I posted this about feeling low, but please remember those who give their lives for our freedoms. It just seems that we fall short in that respect from time to time.
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God bless Christopher J. Antonik, your daughter, and youself for what you've been through. These men and women are America's best, and we must never forget them.
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My regrets for losing your brave Marine. I cannot imagine the pain all of you have endured since his death.
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Can't add anything significant over what has been said, but thank you for reminding us of the cost associated with the freedom so many of us take for granted.
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Originally Posted by tg View Post
Thank you all, but it's not about me. I know I posted this about feeling low, but please remember those who give their lives for our freedoms. It just seems that we fall short in that respect from time to time.
thank you for sharing this with us and god bless him ,you , andyour daughter for the sacrafice
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God Bless him and thank you for sharing.

I hope the families are holding up OK.

Thank you to all those who serve.

All gave some and some gave all.
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A true hero in a world full of pretenders.
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Thank you for the reminder as some do forget. I hope I never do. Our service members deserve so much more than the rest of us can provide them. EVERYTIME I hear the Star Spangled Banner (even sporting events on TV) I stop what I'm doing and get a cool chill just hearing it.
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It's terrible to lose some of the best among us so early in life. Thank you for raising a hero.
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Tg, I'm sorry about your loss. Thanks for posting.
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Another fine American lost so young. It now appears the skinny socialists will claim victory and what will we have won? All I can read and see are more dead and wounded brave young men for what?
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Thank you so much for sharing his story with us. He is a true American hero...and thye are few and far between nowadays.
I hope that your feelings of sadness will ebb...and that you will feel the strength he shared with you while a proud marine.
God bless you, your daughter and your families..
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I would have been very proud to have him as a member of my family too!
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Thanks for sharing. So sorry for your families loss.
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Thanks for sharing. Thanks mostly for the sacrifice that your family has laid down so that we can do silly things like look on fishing web sites.
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