Can't work again today

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Default Can't work again today

due to regs .. it looks like there is a bait shortage.

wonder if they will make enough regs over time that nobody will be able to work? you could be next.
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I just had a OSHA inspection. Over 3000 days without a lost time accident and only two accidents that required restrictions since 2008. They could not find anything major but he did dig deep in the regulations and found some minor stuff.

Funny thing is he used bogus numbers to justify the inspection. He was charging us for treat and release like they were accidents with restrictions. Once it was pointed out that the inspection was not justified he said it was too late, he had already started so he can't stop.

And we wonder why nothing is made here anymore. In the last two years I have had to send 1/2 of my people home. I don't need any more help going broke right now.
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