"Can I use YOUR boat?"

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Default "Can I use YOUR boat?"

Was doing some cleanup on the computer and ran across this - thought you might enjoy.

BACKGROUND - I met "Rich" (POWHATANONE) almost 2 years ago (via THT) and went with him the first time he got his new Sea Hunt wet. Great guy and I have been with him and his family on the boat 5-6 times since then. Rich and the family had been out of town for a week at OBX (without the boat), so I decided to mail him this note so he would get it upon his return. He keeps his boat at a "high & dry", and probablty wouldn't have cared or thought twice if I had used it!

"July 14,2004

Hey Rich,

Just a quick note - hope you and the family had a great time in Hatteras and some decent weather and fishin'!

Just wanted to let you know that I used your boat last Sunday afternoon - until I hit a submerged rock (I think?) down near the Bay. It appears to be only minor damage (to the boat), but the motor will require some major repair work on the lower unit. I did go ahead and get a "used" prop to put back on there, but figured you could install it the next time you go down - after the lower unit is back from the shop. The torn place on the becch seat was just from a fish hook, so "Di" can sew that back up (I already removed the seat from the boat so all you have to do is bring it home). Not sure how the rather large "scratch" got on the bow, but it may have been when I got the anchor caught between the bow rail and the side of the boat? The bent steering wheel happened as I was trying to throw a beer can out and hit a wake, causing me to fall hard to the right side of the console. The only thing I could grab quickly was the depth finder - unfortunately, I ripped it out of the mounting, so there may be some fiberglass repair necessary on that? I accidently left some bait in one of the coolers, so I wouldn't plan on using that one for food anymore, although it was just bloodworms and cutbait - I think I had dropped some squid in the bilge when I was checking to see why the bilge pump wasn't working (I had dropped a lure down there, near the intake)? After I got back in (towed from the Bridge area), I filled the tank - but didn't realize I had the nozzle in a rod holder. No problem though - it emptied onto the deck, so I stopped the pump and hosed it off (just a little "yellowish" tint there now). I also topped off the oil reservoir, but I think I used "lower unit oil", instead of the Yamalube - the containers look a LOT alike? You may want to inquire at Garrett's about the effect(s) of that? I'm still not sure how the "bumper" blew out of the boat, but I left a plastic milk container, filled with water, that you can use. I think the damage toi the swim platform happened when I was backing in at the dock trying to get closer to the forklift - them "forks" stick WAY out? The "rip" in the Bimini top was a result, I guess, of my running wide open all the way to the Bay, so I could get to the fishing area quicker - I put some duct tape on it and it looks as good as new (except for the colors not matching). I'm not sure why the guy threw the wrench at me - hey, it WAS a "no wake" zone - but the scratches on the windshield should come out with some rubbing compound. When I changed out the batteries in my portable CD player (they were badlly corroded), I think I left them on the forward cushion - maybe take some baking soda the next time you go to "neutralize" that? Oh, that same cushion got a little "slit" in it when I was cutting up bloodworms with my fillet knife - why don't you have a cutting board on your boat? I didn't let that happen again, as the gunnels are a lot easier to cut bait on - nice and flat.

I have attached some info I got at Norview on their "high & dry" and slip fees that I told you I would send. Call me when you get back!


He DID call me - at first, he was VERY concerned, but after he got about half way through the letter, I think he realized NOBODY could screw up THAT bad in the SAME day!

Now - can I use YOUR boat?

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Default RE: "Can I use YOUR boat?"

fantastic, absolutely fantastic
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Default RE: "Can I use YOUR boat?"

You should never loan out your boat or your wife because someone could throw a rod in either one of them.
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Default RE: "Can I use YOUR boat?"

captainjay - 12/14/2004 7:46 AM

You should never loan out your boat or your wife because someone could throw a rod in either one of them.
And, never.... ever..... loan your Chain Saw either

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Default RE: "Can I use YOUR boat?"


What can you say, sometimes things just happen....
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Default RE: "Can I use YOUR boat?"

Ship happens!
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Default RE: "Can I use YOUR boat?"

Bruce... your sense of humor never ceases to amaze me!!

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