Need some legal advice

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Default Need some legal advice


I am renting out a condo in Tempe, Az, and the tenants (whose lease is up in december) now are 2 months behind in rent. I sent them a notice and they pretty much moved out ahead of it comes down to the point where they owe me about $1600 in back rent.. do I legally go about recovering these moneys???? (I'd much rather waste it on my boat)....can a "non-commersial" entity use a collection I need a lawyer (does anyone know someone that wouldn't charge me an arm and a leg?????)


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Default RE: Need some legal advice

u can go to court and have there wages garnished for the money. of course that is if u know where they and they have a job. but thats how a friend of mine that rents has done it. he does'nt even use a lawyer he does it all by himself.
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Default RE: Need some legal advice

Small claims court would be another avenue. Good luck.
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Default RE: Need some legal advice

Your chances of finding a collection agency to handle it are somewhere between 0 and -0......... Think about this: Assuming that you had a legally binding lease (conforms to existing state law) and they breached it, and you can PROVE they breached it, then you may have a small claims court case. If the lease was due to expire in Dec and they were behind with Nov and Oct rent then you have suffered the 1600 in past due rent as well as the unfulfilled lease of one month, basically 3 months rent. Did they have a security deposit with you??? If so you need to send them a disposition letter (quickly) to the last known address and tell them that you are claiming their deposit as liquidated damages and demand any balance due in that letter. Assume that they don’t respond and you keep the deposit; is the remaining balance worth the effort to pursue???? If so, then proceed to small claims court with a current address where the defendants can be served with legal process and wait your court date. Assume that they don’t show and you’re granted summary relief by the courts, you can have the Sheriff serve a “FiFa” (order of seizure of property and execution by sale) You will have to store the seized property (bonded storage) and present it at the next scheduled Sheriff’s sale for disposition. IF the seized property sells for more than the amount of the summary judgment then it is up to YOU to refund the difference to the defendant, if for less then you can have the Sheriff do another execution and sale. How much is your time worth now that you have an idea of what’s involved…??????

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