My rant with GM

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Default My rant with GM

I believe I will be officially done with GM products as of tomorrow! I just bought my 4th Chevy Tahoe the end of Feb. It is has been in 6 times for a vibration issue. The last time resulted in a GM engineer coming to balance the drive shaft in which he said the problem is "fixed". It's NOT!! The wheel still shakes over 70mph and the mirrors and seats do also. It has had three sets of tires and two sets of rims and has not changed a thing. I put in an official complaint with GM and recieved a case number. After going back and forth for over a month I requested a new vehicle being that the problem could not be corrected. They finaly got back to me today saying they believe nothing is wrong with the vehicle and it meets their specifications for vibration!! I was basicaly told not to bring it in for the vibration issue again!!!!!!. They also said there is no way they will do a vehicle buy back because they believe it is fixed. The dealer I bought the last three Tahoes from was useless and of no help whatsoever. So, tomorrow I am going to trade a brand new 5k mile truck in. It makes me sick to do this being that I have put at least 500k miles on these vehicles since 1999, I have had it. NO MORE GM ever in this house which is sad because I was one of their biggest fans. I did talk to my lawyer and he thinks the lemon is going to be tough to win being that I did not have a lot of lost time with the vehicle. Sorry for the rant.
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It's senseless saying anything here..the GM lovers would beat down anyone saying anything negative about their fabulous products. Can anyone here name the Chevy minivan?? There is a reason I ask that.

Good luck to you..but I bet there is an order of supervision that may be followed for some additional help.
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You could always get a yellow lemon wrap and park it across from the dealers.
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Originally Posted by triumphrick View Post
It's senseless saying anything here..the GM lovers would beat down anyone saying anything negative about their fabulous products. Can anyone here name the Chevy minivan?? There is a reason I ask that.

Good luck to you..but I bet there is an order of supervision that may be followed for some additional help.
Would you be referring to the fabulous "Astro Van"?
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Originally Posted by Schmaltz~Herring View Post
You could always get a yellow lemon wrap and park it across from the dealers.

I'd ask a local vinyl sign maker to make 2 3-4 ft vinyl lemons and 2 signs saying "donated by ACME sign company". Park the vehicle as close to the dealership as possible and provide some free advertising to the sign maker. If you've been in there 6 times, they will already know who's vehicle it is.
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Be sure and check if you cannot lemon law the vehicle before trading it... I have friends that have lemon law'd Fords before. I am pretty sure the auto manufacturer does not have to agree with the vehicle being lemon law'd, all you need is 6 attempts to fix a problem... I would also try another dealership and see if they agree there is a problem... and I would be pissed too and I am one of those GM fans...
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As a GM fan, that sucks. I haven't had the same probems so I can't relate but if I did, I would probably be driving a F250. Good luck on the trade.
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As a current Tahoe owner, I can say that I've owned a Mercedes ML430 (ML=My Lemon) that did the same as your vehicle and they were no help and 20+ visits to the stealership.

My present Tahoe is a great truck and I've have none of the issues you have. My ML430 had them and they turned their back on me as well.

In NY 3 times for the same problem get you lemon law status.

I did a lemon law a on Ford SHO back in the day. Got a new one and just had to pay for mileage.
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Thanks for the laughs guys. To make a long story short two different Chevy dealers service managers have driven the vehicle. The first one where I bought it from saw the wheel shake and said there isn't anything else he would do with it. The second guy definetly felt the vibration, but he told me being that a factory engineer already worked on it his hands were pretty much tied. He also told me the vibration might be within GM's limits and could be difficult to get them to buy it back. Oh, they want my truck and 6 grand for a new one! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!! I don't tow with the vehicle so what do you guys think of the Acura MDX? I know it is a lot smaller, but it might fit my needs perfectly.
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Call the GM number in your owners manual and open a case, then call and update you case anytime you have it worked on or talk to the dealership. I had a GM vehicle with a problem that could not be fixed and this is how to get the regional rep involved. My vehicle was eventually bought back by GM through the lemon law proccess.
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This has nothing to do with a vehicle.. But... I work for at&t and had to turn up over 3000 numbers for them and there data connections..

The basterds kept me on the phone for hours screaming and yelling toill 11:30 at night.. When all was said and done every issue they blammed me fr was on their side..

Ha... Go figure... When it comes to service for them they want top notch an do nothing but complain... Go figure ... And they were causing their own problems...

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It sounds like you are wasting your time talking with the dealer. Consult your state's Attorney General website to see if there is a lemon law. If there is, see what it takes to document a claim and to whom that complaint should be directed.

In my state, if a new vehicle complaint has not been resolved after 4 attempts by the dealer, you get a new vehicle. You might need an attorney, some will take on the case at no cost to you, collecting their fees from the manufacturer.
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I would definetly pursue this before I trade it and took the hit, I lemon lawed a 94 diesel suburban with 10k miles on it. it was a gmc with brake issues, gm wound up buying it back I got every penny back, and the reason they bought it back instead of lemon lawing it was they resold it to some poor bastard without disclosing it, guess what ? when he called me and I went thru the scenario with him he got his money back to.They all have there issues here and there , my daughter is still driving the 94 suburban I replaced the first one with and I have bought 2 more trucks with no issues but I doubt I will buy another from them because I have a real issue with them taking money from the gov when ford didn't and they were able to pull it out.
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I bought my wife an Acura RDX and she is a happy camper. Good riding and quiet.

You should pursue the lemon can force it through the state without GM and, I believe , end up in an arbitration with impartial neutrals.
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I think you gave up to easily to resolve your issue, especially when you don't even know what is wrong with it. I would suggest you take the truck to a good tire shop and have them check out your tires and the balancing. I had a Tahoe I bought new back in 1997 and never had a single problem with it. My wife loved the truck so much that she is now on her 4th Suburban/Yukon. We bought a 2003 Yukon Denali loaded out back in 2004. The truck had 6,500 miles and was under GM's full warranty and we love the truck.

I had a similar vibration problem w/ my Dodge Charger that the dealer couldn't resolve. I took it to a reputable tire shop and they found the problem was one of the tires had a split in the steel belts. You could barely see the problem when looking at the tire, you could just see a slight offset when looking at the tread. The car had Continental tires and ended up I had to replace all of them b4 I hit 20K miles.

My uncle had always owned Suburban's but went to test drive a Ford Expedition and really liked it. What sold him was the seats were heated, and cooled which he loved. After 2-3 weeks he knew he made a mistake buying the Expedition and not a Suburban. The truck never "felt right" to him and he sold the truck after owning it less than a year so he could buy another Suburban.

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I too would check the Lemon Laws in your state.
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DON'T TRADE IT IN!!! GM has given the service managers at the store almost the same power as a Chevy rep. It is called the Empowerment program. This man can strongly suggest to the rep, and the rep will listen for a buy back. I hope to god you are at the store you purchased this veihicle from. Also you have the "lemon law" and you have the BBB all will these things will help. If the repair order was the same problem written down that is your proof it is a lemon. Use tools you have on your side.

The Owner or GM of the store sure as hell does not want to lose your business. So get one of them involved. Just call and tell them you have problem and need help. Honey gets more than vinegar. Way too many options for you to lose your ass on a trade.

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4th one! Anyway...The main reason I owned Yukons and Tahoes has been their safey, ride and utility, and reliability. My daughter in law currently has a Nissan with a similar problem and it isn't fun battling the companies. I have had to go the dealer maybe twice in 35 years of GM cars.

Listen to Mr. Paul - they DO have probably the best factory support. Unfortunately like any business some dealers have to get a push. And as we have found with boats and motors there are some lemons all across the board.

Good Luck!
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No way you should give up.

Stay cool and you'll win.
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Sorry to hear about your problem. I had a similar issue with my first Ford Expedition...not vibration, but, it was major lemon. The same deal, the Ford rep came down & drove my vehicle for a couple days, finally saying "everything was normal & within limits for this vehicle" (BTW, it had MULTIPLE issues...which I won't go into here).

I called & met with the owner of the dealership, after shopping around at other dealerships for a different vehicle. However, I didn't want to trade my vehicle & take such a huge hit $$. I told the owner he was "no different than the Ford rep, he was no help & didn't give a crap about the customer once the vehicle left the lot".

For some reason, that upset him ALOT. He told me "that isn't fair" and he did care about his customers. He asked me what I wanted. I told him simply, another vehicle with no loss of $$ on my part. He complied. I dumped my 2006 Expedition XLT for a 2007 Eddie Bauer Expedition EL with all the extras. This one has been a nearly flawless vehicle, I love it. I was lucky to be able to find a dealer with a conscious, sorry you haven't had the same luck...if I were you, if you couldn't get satisfaction through the dealership or GM, I'd dump it and buy a FORD!!

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