Old scuba gear

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Default Old scuba gear

I have a couple of 25 year old regulators that have not been used in years and do not plan on using them. Would they have any use to anyone? Not trying to make money, just hate to see them go to waste if there is a use for them.

All I can think of is using the first stage for a fishing weight.
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Take the first stage to your local dive shop and ask them to adjust it to 80 psi or so. Add a male fitting and it'll work great for air tools like nailguns, sprayers, etc, as well as of course filling tires.

Won't be any good for continuous duty tools like grinders, but works great for the little stuff.

In terms of the units themselves, my understanding is that some of the internals are still in use today in a lot of the "rental" type gear, so they could likely be rebuilt, but I'd agree that it's not worthwhile.
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