If PETA had their way!

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Default If PETA had their way!

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Default RE: If PETA had their way!

Thats the problem with anyone who is an extremist . . . they call themselves activists

And they attack anyone who does not agree with them . . . bipolar view of life

Too bad PETA will never change their mind because their cause is their only purpose in life
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Default "Sympathy for the guppy..."

You guys should read this article... PETA is brainwashing our kids.

My nephews gave me a third degree this summer when I took em fishing about if I feel guilty when I hurt fish or if the fishes families miss em when I catch em. I answer the best I could and that fish don't feel like we do, and certain fish even eat their own young when given a chance. They listened and went on to catch fish. They had fun catching fish, but I saw that they had some(very little) sense of guilt about the whole thing. I asked where they got all this from and found out that someone in their school is a PETA.
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Default RE: If PETA had their way!

Nearest I can figure, basically alL PETA activists are hypocrites.
- Don't kill animals, but they eat cows, pigs, chickens and turkey.
- Don't hurt or cut down the tree, but they eat vegetables.

Just like the Don't Smoke lobbyist or the, Oupps I guess that one could be to political; well I have but one thing to say to the bunch of them, "GO F#@& YOURSELF!"
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Default RE: If PETA had their way!

Don't get me going on PETA!
If fish are so smart and sensitive
how come they don't write poetry
but do eat food with hooks in it?
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Default RE: If PETA had their way!

take a lesson from the romans

throw peta in with their friends (the lions) or put them in a shark tank with the smart intelligent sharkies.
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Default RE: If PETA had their way!

P- People
E- Eating
T- Tasty
A- Animals
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Default RE: If PETA had their way!

I have a bunch of PETA people in my family. Check this out. I recently have recieved letters from family members saying that they would protest my wedding reception if we continued to persue the idea of our center piece. Our idea was to use Beta fish in hurricane glasses. This was the last straw in fielding "suggestions" from the family on the wedding. Believe me there have been alot of "suggestions". So we just decided to call off the whole ceremoney and get married on a boat off the coast of Key West.

Which is ideally what I wanted in the first place. I am pretty coffidant that if Petsmart sells them in small containers that it is OK to put them in a hurricane glass. Point is that these PETA people are so strong minded that they will protest a family members wedding. Thats OK though. I just asked one couple " your cat is declawed right?" and another couple, well they come from an era where swallowing live gold fish was cool.

Oh well, they could not keep thier oppinions to themselves so they get no ceromony and we get what we wanted to orignally do. Elope in The Conch Republic. To make sure I am not viewed as a cold hearted my way or the highway person though, this was not the only issue. We had heard the riot act on everything and every idea. You just get to the point to where enough is enough and you have to worry about your desires. Now I am just wondering how a bunch of zoot suits and flappers are going to look on a boat!!

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Default RE: If PETA had their way!


You should say to them, OK no problem, I see your point. Then tell them that you will use a larger container and put several of them in there. That way they can behave as God intended them to.

Then tell them to go f#@k themselves.

I have no problem with someone standing up and beating a drum or their chest IF they follow ALL the rules they set out.
-- if you are against killing animals, don't eat meat.
-- if you are a tree hugger, live in a synthetic house w/ zero wood.
-- if you are a bible thumper, treat others as they would like to be treated.
-- if you are a f..........., keep it to yourself, the world doesn't need to know.

-- but if you are on the road and someone behind you wants to go faster then you, move over so they can pass.
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Default RE: If PETA had their way!

Garret you got it right!
DJ best wishes in married life!
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Default RE: If PETA had their way!

I like to rag on em...

ask em if they eat veggies that other people grew,

do they know exactly where their veggies were grown...

If they eat store bought veggies, I tell em to go to a f'ing farm,

and watch the machinery harvest the veggies, and to look at just how many

'little critters' get disc'ed (sp?), harrowed, plowed, etc

Then say unless they grow & harvest all their veggies themselves,

they are contributing to the deaths of those animals...

F' em! I like to think it makes their lives even more difficult, stupid f-heads!
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Default RE: If PETA had their way!

Thought you guys would appreciate this.....

Fish are smarter than some animal activists
By Taylor Armerding
Staff Writer

I think I finally agree at least in part with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' claim that animals are just as intelligent as humans -- just in a different way.

I'm starting to think that animals are actually more intelligent than some humans -- specifically the humans who belong to PETA.

I didn't have a problem with the PETA people when it seemed that their main goal was simply to lobby for more humane treatment of animals. I agree that factory farms are cruel and unnecessary, and that animals should not be made to suffer just because they are a lower life form, and serve as food and clothing for humans.

But they lost me when they started referring to people as "human animals." I got off their train to Looneyville when they started arguing that people had no right to eat meat, or as they put it, "the flesh" of another living being. And I was embarrassed for them when they started going on about animals having emotions like embarrassment and humiliation.

But you have to give them credit. Just when you think they can't get any further out on the fringe, they find a way. The latest PETA campaign is called the Fish Empathy Project. Gee, from the sound of it, they ought to abandon their headquarters in Norfolk, Va., and set up shop in Gloucester.

But no. This is not the Fishing Empathy Project. There is no empathy for the Gloucester fleet and those who go down to the sea in ships. PETA wants them all out of business yesterday. It paints our iconic fisherman as presiding over a veritable holocaust, who at the very least should be brought up on thousands of charges of animal cruelty. It suggests that catching and eating fish is just like sinking a hook through the mouth of Rover the dog or Felix the cat, then freezing, gutting and eating them.

Well, sure, in a way it is. Just like killing and eating a cow or a pig or, uh, a turkey. But then, there are some cultures where dog and cat are a mainstream part of the diet. Their bodies hang in the marketplace just like sides of beef. PETA wouldn't want to argue that such a culture is in any way inferior to ours would they? Don't they realize that this is an era when we must celebrate and affirm diversity?

But to say that because fish, like most animals, can adapt to their environment, that some of them have unique, interesting ways of laying their eggs, that they flee danger and can learn to avoid it and have "sophisticated social structures," this somehow means they are "smart" is a bit like saying we should have monarch butterflies draw maps because they fly to Mexico and back. Heck, flies and mosquitoes are smart enough to flee from danger.

I wonder if PETA types ever talk to people who actually fish, both commercially and recreationally. How smart is a creature that chomps down on a bright plastic or metal thingie being yanked through the water without the slightest resemblance to another fish? Maybe they should run a seminar at Gloucester City Hall explaining that. I'm sure all the local fishermen will be eager to attend.

When they talk about all the emotion and intelligence that fish have, does it make you wonder if they have ever noticed how fish treat one another? If they are so smart and cultured, why are they so cruel to their own kind? Why don't predators worry about the suffering of their prey. In fact, why is any other fish their prey anyway? Why isn't PETA running a campaign urging all fish to eat plankton and sea grass? Are they planning to bring sharks and barracudas up on cruelty charges as well?

Of course, when you ask those questions to PETA types, they immediately start arguing that this is just the way fish are made, and that they don't know any better or have alternatives as we do. Well, are the fish smart or aren't they? If they are so smart, surely they can be convinced of their moral failings in eating one another.

I think the Fish Empathy Project should come to Gloucester. I think its leaders should explain to members of the local fleet why what they are doing is so immoral. But before they do any of that, I think they should work some of the boats for a few weeks, to find out what it's like to have a real job, and what it's like when real people lose jobs because of delusional do-gooders like them.

As I said, I don't think fish are smart. But they are smarter than some people.

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