Undercounter ice makers?

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Default Undercounter ice makers?

My homemade chest-freezer ice maker doesn't really fit in my new place -now have to decide if I want to rebuild or buy a new one. Not interested in an industrial machine. (nowhere to put it)

Any comments on the little 15" or 18" wide undercounter kitchen ice makers? While they look great for household [drink] ice use, I took a good look at a couple today and I can't imagine trying to scoop out all 20 pounds of ice that they are supposed to hold, the bins are 5" deep with a 3" access area.

Are these things really worthless for my cause? (getting 20-30 lbs of "free" ice to fish with) Do they really make anywhere near the 50 lbs/day they claim capable of?

I found a couple lightly used models for really cheap, which is what got me looking.. unfortunately not cheap enough to hack them apart and turn them into heads that would empty straight into a cooler.

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I've had em for years, and they are a PIA to keep running, and costly. Mine has also bit the dust, but before it did, I had it in my garage beside a chest freezer. Emptied the ice each day into plastic bags and always had plenty of ice for the boat. I'd like to either get mine fixed but probably cost more than its worth, or find a good working one on the cheap. Otherwise I'll save some money and just buy ice when I'm going fishing.
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I have had the Sears Kenmore model in my house for 6 years and we have had the same one in the office for 9 years. Neither one has ever been worked on. Run your water through one of those wall mounted, easy to replace filters - where you can get at it. Replace filter every 6 - 9 months. Take the front off below the door and vacuum the dirt and dog hair once a year. Mine makes 40 lbs a day, easy. I keep the beer chest full of ice, and it provides plenty of ice for freshwater fishing. I would not live without one. Takes about 1 minute to scoop all the ice out to put in an ice chest.
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What make/models are you looking at?
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Kenmore is good. I have a GE Monogram, should be called Moldogram. KitchenAid is the best.

To answer your question, they will not suit your needs. You need to get one with the big bin underneath at least 30" wide. You will find it's less painful to buy the ice than make it and bag it unless you are using 50# of ice a day.
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I have this U-Line installed on the boat, 4 yeas so far so good.. knock wood.

Holds 25 #'s in the bucket. I pulled a Scottsman out to put this in. if you don't mind the scottman constant ice making go for the Scottman, best ice ever. But if you leave the boat like I do on Monday for a few days you will be out of water in the tank.
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Just to update, I picked up a used undercounter model (supposed to be 40 lbs a day) for "really cheap" off of craigslist and I am flabbergasted at how simple it is. Remarkable that they charge $900+ for these, it is only slightly more complex than a normal freezer - which is good, at least, in that there's not much to go wrong.

Will be doing some experimenting with it over the winter to figure out the most effective way to use it to fill my fishing cooler. This may also be my first foray into custom fiberglass work, I like the idea of a box that I slide my cooler into and magically retrive the next day full of ice. If I can't make something creative, back on craigslist it goes and I'm back to the very EFFICIENT chest freezer trick.

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