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cjd 12-16-2010 05:15 AM

HDMI Cable for Flat Screen? Wii?
I use an HDMI for my flat screen upstairs. We have the DVRr box that allows HDTV, and it makes a diff.

I just won a flat screen at work, so I am hooking it up in another room. The box downstairs is not a DVR, and does not support HDTV. Will the HDMI make a diff?

I am running the chord though the wall, so I want to get it right the first time. The chord upstairs is too tough to remove, so I can't use it to test.

Also, The kids are getting a Wii for Xmass (After three years they win). Will that also connect with and HDMI? If so, I plan on running 2 chords so I can do a fast hook up (and three hours "test session) on xmas eve.

Thanks in advance.

To those who do not think this is boating related, i think we will get the fishing game.

WildSideFL 12-16-2010 05:42 AM

HDMI will only make a difference if the channel is digital. If you are connecting to a non-digital box, it won't matter (and probably won't have an HDMI port) but I do prefer HDMI cables for a clean install because they carry sound. S-video is good enough though for a non-digital set top box.

For the Wii you need to buy the component cable separately and it will make a difference since it will support a higher picture quality than the standard composite cable but still the best picture Wii has is 480p.... There isn't a Nintendo HDMI to my knowledge.

Cheap, good HDMI cables:

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