Husqvarna tractor

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Default Husqvarna tractor

Anybody have any experience/opinion on their rider tractors ? I am looking at a 24HP 48" cut heavy duty model(YTH24V48LS). It has the fabricated deck, upgrade B&S engine, hydrostatic trans. etc. I have two acres to cut including some rough areas and have about worn out my current Craftsman. Looking for a ten plus year mower.
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I've got the 46" and I like it, but I've only had it a year. I would go for the Kohler engine though. When I was looking for a lawnmower, I asked my local small engine repair guy what I should buy - then I asked him what he had. He told me he had the Husqvarna with the Kohler. I asked him why and he said - because I don't have to work on it!
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Originally Posted by lodel View Post
Anybody have any experience/opinion on their rider tractors ? I am looking at a 24HP 48" cut heavy duty model(YTH24V48LS). It has the fabricated deck, upgrade B&S engine, hydrostatic trans. etc. I have two acres to cut including some rough areas and have about worn out my current Craftsman. Looking for a ten plus year mower.
Most of the lawn tractors sold at Lowe's, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart (or the like), will give you about 10 years with good maintenance. I wouldn't expect them to be reliable much after that. for good quality, check out John Deere (not the big box version), Toro, Scag, and some others. More money, but better quality parts.

BTW, I have an 11 year old Yard Machines 42" and have had to replace wheels, drive belts, deck belts, batteries way too often than I'd like. The engine is decent, though I think it's beginning to get tired, too.

My father-in-law was a full-time farmer and farm mechanic. He still uses is 42" Allis-Chalmers riding mower and it was built in the 60's. I don't think my Yard Machines will make it to 50 years.
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I have that exact model with the 24 B&S motor. Within the warranty period (2 yrs) all the pulley bearings need replaced. The tech who came out said they were in plastic housings and the new ones were steel...I was surprised to see the housings of the ones he took out. Check on that if you can.
I mow 2.5 acres, and it seems a lot for this mower. I have been getting my neighbor to come over with his Mahindra to help mow about an acre and a half.
No problems with the motor or transmission. The lever for setting the cru7ise has broken and I have yet to replace it...
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Very well made equiptment, and they stand behind what they sell.
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FYI from a person I know in the lawn and garden equipment industry. John Deere is shitting their pants right now over some of the stuff Husqvarna has introduced this year. They have the only unit made in the US selling for under $3K with a heavy welded deck. Does a beautiful job of mowing too. JD has a big ad campaign coming out telling why their stamped deck is supposedly better but it's just a bunch of marketing hype.
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I had a 52 inch commercial mower a few years ago. The deck was good, spindels were garbage, all the sensors, safety switches, wiring, etc were not the best, had to replace just about everthing on it at least once some twice in about 4 years of use. The frame cracked in half on one side, they fixed that under warranty. Do not get a Kaw motor, blew 2 in the 4 years. We now have 4 years on a kohler with little problems. It did cut grass good when discharging but not good at all when mulching. My dad has a Cub Cadet 48in residential mower that he has been mowing 2 acres for 3 years with very little issues.
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I suspect lots of people are going to chime in about the JD's, but I've never owned one to know what all the hype is about. I can say I've owned the 2008 24hp Craftsman lawn tractor (supposedly made by Husqvarna) and I've owned a 2008 Simplicity 27hp Kohler. Notice I said I owned a 2008 Craftsman (Husqvarna), well very happily it's looooong gone! Oh sure there is quite a price difference between the two, but I'll tell you the difference in price is 100% is represented in quality and performance!!! The Craftsman (Husqvarna) was a toy in comparison to the Simplicity!

Here's the unit I have and Love.
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I have a Husqvarna YTH20K46 which is the Kohler model and could not be happier other than changing oil I have done nothing to it since I bought it 5 or 6 years ago. Hell I have not even sharpened the blades or replaced the battery and I mow weekly about 3/4 acre still does a great looking job.

I bought mine from Lowes for around $1600 I believe and like I said could not be happier.
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Default I have the LTH 2042

I bought my LTH 2042 from a local equipment place (Norfolk Power Equipment in Wrentham MA) about 5 years ago. It's got the 42" deck with 20 HP Kohler Courage. I've had no major issues and mow ~3/4 acre, part of which is a field. Other than replacing a blade and a lift link ($15) for the deck that just broke, it's been solid. I change the oil annually, lube it and just run it.
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My father just bought one of those Toro Timecutters at HD a few months ago after the guy who cut his lawn raised his prices again. I have no Idea how it will hold up but I have used it a few times and I'm impressed. Full speed and I can cut his 1 1/4 acres in just under 30 min and there are tons of trees and stuff to go around.

Just wish he had one years ago when I was a teenager, instead of the POS 22" push mower he made me cut the yard with!!!!!
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I just bought the Husky 21/46 for $1700 at Lowes. 10 times better than the troybilt/MTD it replaced. Something I had never even thought to check- my MTD had two blades that were even front to back with no overlap/offset- always had a mohawk left behind me.... I haven't had the Husky long to say personally, but I did quite a bit of reaserch and the general consensus was Kohler over Briggs. you can shop around as there are only 3 big mower manufacturers for the under $3000 mowers. You have MTD, JD, and Husky/Ariens. Everything i read put the Husky and JD at the same level, but the Husky is cheaper- the MTD was always a definite third.

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