Undrer Pool Sand

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Default Undrer Pool Sand

I have to repair my above ground pool and need very little additional sand but I seem to remember regular sand not adviseable (sharp granules?) for the plastic liner - what do you call the stuff you put under the liner - I also have heard of people using regular sand with newspaper - any ideas for a quick fix..
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White "play" type sand is what we used when I was building above grounders but we also used a compressed foam between the sand and liner. Like walking on foam rubber.

Not what we used but you get the idea. I highly suggest it. Also, spray down some good herdicide.
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The directions that came with our pool said that masonary sand was OK. That is what I used, with no ill effects.
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Maybe you were thinking of Vermiculite

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Just put a new liner in, I used masonry sand. Cheap and readily available.
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When our pool was put in 2 years ago, they used masonry sand. For a small repair, I'd most likely just buy some play sand.
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Plain ole silt works well.
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