Does Anyone Remember Ixtoc I?

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Default Does Anyone Remember Ixtoc I?

Mexican oil well in the gulf blew in 1979, spilling 140 million gallons - about four to seven times the current BP spill. Never heard of it before and I was plently old then that I should have remembered. Did this spill adversely affect the US gulf coast or ruin the fishing off eastern mexico or anywhere else in the Gulf?
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It impacted Texas but not severly. They had tar balls wash years later from hurricanes.
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Yes! I remember it well.
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I remember it well too. It affected mostly Mexico's coast and to a lesser extent the South Texas coast. To hear the current generation wailing about the current spill, I'm surprised the world didn't absolutely come to an end back then, it was sooooo much worse than this one.

Now that area holds some of the best fishing, both inshore and offshore, in the entire Gulf of Mexico. The gulf will get over this one too. won't be easy, or tomorrow, but it will get over it.
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Originally Posted by b622r View Post
It impacted Texas but not severly. They had tar balls wash years later from hurricanes.
South Texas beaches have tar balls regularly. You don't go to the beach in South Texas without some diesel fuel or WD40 to clean up!!!!
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