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And your experience was....
Who was the Architect?
Engineers used? Gipe?
What do you do?
You live on the Eastern Shore?

PM me.
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I'm no stranger to drywall, but I have to say the below is a first for me....I've never seen that product before. At my last place I was thinking of creating that effect in my bathroom (horizontal lines), but said not based off of the work involved in doing it the hard way. Even the other week I was thinking of doing something funky along those lines (raised panels) in the living room.....I don’t like when a room is empty that it looks like an empty box, I like it to have an architectural feel to it, some warm and charm.

Is that channel a designated product for that application? Do you know if that product is bought through a drywall wholesaler?

Interesting, they spray glue it the look of the pic the glue doesn't come into play with the mud? I'd have to assume there would be excellent adhesion properties between the two products? Do you know Jeff what type of glue that is?

Cool , I love it and I look forward to working with it sometime in the future.

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It's called Reglet and has been used for 30 years. That reglet is the mud-in type. The glue is just spray on adhesive, right Jeff? They also have reglet that you install as you hang the board (typically it's extrded aluminum) to minimize the finishing phase. Your cuts better be perfectly straight though because the lip on the finished face of the riglet is only about an 1/8".
It's also used in stucco applications but thats pvc.

I cringed when I saw his 1st pic of the reglet! Years ago I installed about 2 miles of that shit in an 8-plex movie theater in Annapolis.

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Fryreglet and Pittcon make multiple types of reveals. Also available are column covers.

The glue is spray on, contact cement basically. I still like to see screws in the metal stud or hat channel in this case. A mechanical fastener is fail safe (as long as they didn't strip the threads, i.e. over tighten) In the photo I see they stapled it. Not my choice of application.

I was in Division 9, Finishes, drywall, metal stud (25ga to 12ga), acoustical ceilings, Dryvit, etc, end of construction for 25 years and I have been a site superintendent for the past 10.5 years.

I worked yesterday and am working today. (Fun when your on salary but should be on the boat). I have a crew prepping and pouring Ardex in the mechanical Penthouse plus I had to fix some some items from subcontractors screw ups. Oh the fun!
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