More Fun With Scammers

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Default More Fun With Scammers

Start at the bottom ...

On 5/17/2010 7:43 PM, Outsider wrote:
My Dear Mr Cole,

You are correct, sir. OK, send me your card information, including security code and an HD digital photo showing both sides of the card. I'll take it to the Board of Directors in Gastonia and try to get instant approval. With the economy as it is, I have to tell you that group of twelve peers is extremely sensitive about added expenses such as international cyber processing fees caused by misdirected electron emissions, but they may approve the deal since they will be able to actually see both sides of the actual card.

You really should just send me a Cashiers Check for the down payment by overnight express and reserve the dates discussed. The flipper dolphin have really started feeding well on schools of grayling now that the ice has gone out. My new First Mate, Nala Townesend, is an expert in menhaden management, and he promises fast and furious action on our new Sponge Bob rods and reels. I'm sorry to say I had to replace Nick Evans. I wanted him to go to Texas and Hold 'Em, but he insisted on joining the KMA fraternity at the Highland Hills Barber College (it's hard to get good help these days, I'm sure you'd agree).

If you're a real sportsman, kite fishing doesn't get any better than it will be these next six weeks, I hope you don't miss out.

Please advise soonest, time is getting short.

Jimmy Goodwin, President and CEO
Jimmy's Outdoor Adventures, LLC, PLC, WTF
USCG Captain, Esq
Scamma Jamma

Nala's sister, Angela, caught a citation sized Blue Gill last January from one of 23' coastal kayaks in the Gulf Stream.
Re: Payment Info

We will not be able to make the trip if the arrangement with Travling agent is not secured and finalizied. I advice you to go ahead and send the money to the Agent.

Get back to me.


--- On Mon, 17/5/10, Outsider

Subject: Re: Payment Info
To: "Paulson Cole" <>
Date: Monday, 17 May, 2010, 12:56

Mr Cole,

OK, great, looks like we may have a trip if we can settle some details.

My Business Manager is not comfortable with your suggested payment arrangement. It is company policy for Jimmy's Outdoor Adventures (that's our LLC) to deal with boat reservations only, travel and hotel arrangements are solely the responsibility of the client. If you wish, I can provide the names of several hotels in our area that have proven to be satisfactory to our fisherman in the past. Most local hotels provide shuttle service from the airport at nominal cost, so that should not be an obstacle. As an added note, a couple of locations provide a 35% discount for those having a confirmed charter with Jimm'ys, so that would be something you could factor into your financial planning.

My manager also 'strongly' suggests your travel agent process your travel arrangements. Our insurance only covers our equipment, therefore company protocol prohibits transactions which are not directly associated with the fishing charter, but could attach liability for the company. I like to sleep with the Business Manager, so I usually comply with her directives when it comes to things of this nature. As a man, I'm sure you understand.

Please advise how you wish to proceed.


Jimmy's Outdoor Adventures
Jimmy Goodwin, USCG Captain, Esq
Skamma Jamma

On 5/17/2010 8:38 AM, Paulson Cole wrote: Hello Capt Jimmy,

Thanks for the mail once again. I will be making payment with my Master credit card details which i will send in my next mail. Regarding the conveyance of my fellow colleagues to your country, i have made an arrangement with an agent who will take absolute care of the trip right from our location to your country This prepaid agent will take care of these,handlling of luggage’s to and fro, see to our flight and day to day transportation. Above all, i spoke with him about this and he as well accepted this duty happily. All this he has charged me $5,853.00.

I m going to make the payment for the 4 days reservation. So once you are in receipt of it, you are required to charge the credit card, and confirm the amount of $7,353.00. in your account, then deduct the DEPOSIT cost of your services which is ($1500.00) and send ($5,853.00) to the Agent whose information will be forwarded to you once this is confirmed. Any other balance will be paid to you on arrival.

Please get back to me so that i can confidently send my credit card details.



--- On Sat, 15/5/10, Outsider wrote:

From: Outsider
Subject: Re: Charter Dates Confirmation
To: "Paulson Cole" <>
Date: Saturday, 15 May, 2010, 19:23

Thanks for the mail, how much is your 25%? so that i can send my credit card details for the charges.


--- On Fri, 14/5/10, Outsider <> wrote:

From: Outsider <>
Subject: Charter Dates Confirmation
Date: Friday, 14 May, 2010, 18:27

I have been informed you are interested in a fishing charter for 24th to June 28th. I have these dates available, aboard my boat Scamma Jamma, at a cost of $1680.00 per day, plus fuel, bait, ice, and First Mate tip of $300 per day. I will require a deposit of 25% of the base daily cost ($1680). Should you require quick processing, please respond with your credit card information. Your reservation will not be finalized until payment is received.


Jimmy Goodwin
USCG Captain, Esq

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Do people actually fall for these scams? Manhaden management HAHAHA your too much hope you had a good chuckle thanks for sharing.
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Greed is usually what makes a scam successful. I have always had the mentality that if I woke up this morning without it, I'll be fine going to bed without it. The one axiom I have found to be true 99.99% of the time is, "If it sounds too good to be true, it is".
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It almost sounded legit until he said he would make the full trip arrangements AFTER he said he could not. Then asked for the credit card information...and a picture of the front and back. Thats a new one.

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