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Happy Mothers Day Mom, you were the best!


Happy Mothers Day Mom, you were the best!

Old 05-07-2010, 02:43 PM
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Default Happy Mothers Day Mom, you were the best!

It is oftentimes hard for kids to imagine that their parents were anything but parents. Ever since we've known them, they have been our parents, these grown up people that were always in charge, and old, and not as smart as we are at any point in our lives. "You don't know anything Mom!" We were always smarter, right?

Sometime, some of us grow to realize that Moms just grew up from little girls. Little girls that kept bugs in matchbooks and either had them race against other kids bugs or had them fight.

Girls that fished for frogs by tying a grasshopper onto a string on the end of a bamboo pole and would later bring the frogs home to eat as where you grew up, you could eat the frogs. You taught me that even though we have frogs here, that we couldn't eat them because they are not the same.

You shared how you had pigs for pets much like people here in the States have dogs and cats and that you would go and harvest the excess vegetables to bring home to feed your beloved pet pigs. Someday you said you wanted to retire and raise pigs again but you didn't get the chance.

It surprised me when I was younger and you said you used to be able to climb the coconut trees and pick the coconuts but because we had never seen you climb a tree, in fact, we got bummed out when you couldn't go on the roller coasters or any of the good rides in Disney World or Busch Gardens or any of the great amusement parks you took us to when we were little, it was so hard to believe, but now I know why as I can't take any of those rides nowadays. You were just a little girl at one point in time.

You dreamed to get away from where you grew up, where you were from, where everyone in the world you knew was from, to come to the United States for a better chance, a better life, you did it for us. It is hard enough for many to move out of state, never mind an entire country some 13,000 miles away, leaving every single person you knew and the whole way of life to come to America so I could type this on THT. Compound that with no email way back then, no low priced long distance and plane fares that were prohibitively expensive, just communicating with those "back-home" had to be tough. Even between Air Mail and short talks using Long-Distance, that was what you did to stay in touch. Still, you were good enough to make new friends and experience as closely as possible, what it was like back home for a short moment in time, by all the parties we got to attend, that sadly, us kids, or as adults now, will never likely experience again. Those are the memories we will hold all that much dearer because of that.

I can now sort of imagine what you had to go through carrying me for the 9 months as my wife is due any day now. The wife you never go to meet. I only wish she could have met you once or to at least been able to hear your voice but oh well, that is regret. You did it 4 more times so you could give me sisters and brothers to count on if I needed them, to play with, to blame when the plant got knocked over, to do my mad experiments with, who can now cook delicious meals for me and gave me a neice and 2 newphew's so far.

And despite making me brothers and sisters you continued to work to provide for us. To make sure we got every chance we could get. It had to be hard leaving us to go to work, or maybe not, and as I now cherish my weekends, I can only imagine that you truly cherished yours.

You chose a great, no, make that the greatest Dad for us. We always said that "Dad can fix anything.", and while he is a bit more limited physically nowadays, he still can get it done, just slower, but he sure as heck can still talk us through about anything. He still knows more about computers and about everything electronic than even people who are in the field, you made a great choice Mom.

All the things you said, are still in my head and come up almost everyday. All the naggings, "Brush your teeth", all the things I used to think were nagging, you were doing because you cared.

I remember one of my old bosses, John from the summer of 1998, one day I said to him, "You know John, I'm sick of my Mom telling me what I should be doing, this that and the other thing." And he says to me, "You know, I only WISH my Mom were still around to tell me what I should be doing because when it comes down to it, no one else in the world really and truly GIVES A DAMN!" and how right he was, no one cares like a Mom.

So whether this belongs here or not, Thank You Mom for what you did for all of us and thank Mom's everywhere for all they did and continue to do. There is a good, if not great reason why Mothers Day is the #1 day/night for eating out, give the woman a break for once, ha!

Mom has been gone for 3 Mothers Day's now, and I miss her.
Old 05-07-2010, 06:25 PM
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Lost my Mom in March of 98 and I still miss her........I always will.......
Rest well Mom, rest well.
Old 05-08-2010, 09:45 AM
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Lost mine in Dec. '04 just after her 50th bday. Miss her everyday.
Old 05-08-2010, 02:32 PM
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Mine in October '98. She was 54. Ditto.
Old 05-09-2010, 02:42 PM
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Mine unexpectedly March 7, 2010.
She was 56.
Old 05-09-2010, 03:09 PM
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You should be a writer thundra - a beautiful tribute - palm trees and 13000 miles I am guessing Argentina?

Mine made it to 86 and passed a few years ago - its never easy to lose your Mom

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