Cedar or locust for fence?

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Default Cedar or locust for fence?

Looking at about 2.50 / LF for cedar 2x6's to do a crossbuck style fence. Would locust be cheaper or better? I've never used it before, but I am close to its native range here in the mid-atlantic.

It's not a big fence (about 200') but I want it to look nice and last. It's crazy that nice wood costs about the same as an aluminum fence. Oh well.
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Can't speak for the price (check some rural/local mills) on the locust... but will outlast the cedar hands down. Especially for posts. Will need some good saw blades.
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Definately locust. Locust is highly rot resistant and much, much better than cedar (although cedar is pretty good too). Problem with locust is trying to get straight sections since the tree tends to grow rather like a "question mark". But it will never rot.
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Locust and don't breathe the dust. It makes me feel like I smoked a carton of smokes after a structure fire. Boy does it irritate me.
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Locust is best,but if you have good red heart wooded cedar it will also outlast most of us.
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