Max HP at 3,600 RPM

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Default Max HP at 3,600 RPM

When I was a kid in auto class I remember looking up my dads 65 Ford Falcon. It was an inline 6 with 170 ci. eng. that produced a whopping 105 HP. But it did this at 3,600 RPM.
My question is, would it make today's cars more efficient if they maxed out HP wise at lower RPM?
I understand eng's. but am no mechanic, so if you get into detail explain slowly.
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don't know the answer to your question,but my first car was that exact one.bought it for 200 bucks.3 speed on the column
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Don't know about cars but we built my last boat engines to make peak HP as low as possible (which meant TQ was made low as well). Torque (TQ) is what's important on a boat, not sure how much it matters in a car though as gear ratio could be used to create the same effect your refering to.
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A lot of that probably had to do with how badly the cylinder head flowed. It was out of breath at anything over 3600. You'll notice that current transmissions have several speeds, which is done to keep the revs low and keep the engine working in a sweet spot for mileage. Current engines are remarkably efficient though a broad range of RPMs, so you can get good cruise economy while the engine is loafing along, yet have the horsepower to pass when you need to.
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