Electric Bill Rant

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Default Electric Bill Rant

I received a notice with my electric bill last week that said the electric coop had received approval to raise their rates - the first increase since 2006 - the reason - the summers had been cooler than normal so they were not able to sell as much power and were not making as much money. What the hell about the cooler than normal winter when my heatpump has been running non-stop - does that not count for something. This Global Warming is a bunch of BS.
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Just be thankful that you aren't having the "Smart Meters" installed! What a nightmare that has been!

Some years back, our water company forced us to conserve water due to the so-called drought.

The next thing we heard was that they had to raise the rates because they weren't selling enough water!!!

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In our area Va. Power got the Ok to rais rates then we read in the papper that they made more money then was allowed by the state. So now they are still going to increase our rates and figure how to refund what they over charged us.
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If you are a member of the coop, don't you get a check from them based on the amount of money they make every year?

Also, you don't have to use their services. You can just disconnect the wires at the meter.
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The city water company did the same thing here. We were in a draught so they imposed mandatory restrictions then raised rates because they didn't sell enough water. And some people are ok with more and more gov't control.
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