Super sunday is here

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Default Super sunday is here

Had to get up at 6am to catch Mike and Mike this am

Everyone else ready for the game tonight.

What kind of snacks/food ya'll going to have
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20llbs of make you sh!t fire chicken wings. Shoult have bought stock in TP Friday.
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Just put a butt on the smoker, will do ribs later today, got a bushel of fresh oysters....will set up the 12' big screen around 6 tonight....GL
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Originally Posted by castnet View Post
will set up the 12' big screen around 6 tonight....GL
~ ...........I just love it! Go big or stay home, right.
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Jambalaya, muffaletta salad, spinach and artichoke pizza, etc., a shit-ton of cold beer and plenty of whiskey, and 2 differnet kinds of King Cake. (traditional and cream cheese filled). Its 8 o'clock in the morning and I just woke up the wife and kids blasting "stand up and get crunk--who dat" by K. Gates. I don't know if I can wait until 5:30 kickoff. I'm going to the grocery in a few hours to buy more just to ease my anxiety.
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picked up a 3ft hero and some wings from local shop a couple hrs ago along with a 30 pack of bud ice. got the music crankin and the beers are flowing wont care whos playing by the time it goes off as long i hit a box or two in the pools im in
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Picked up a couple of rabbits and my son made a big pot of gumbo for the game. He has two dogs so it wasn't too much of a mess to clean up. They slurpped up the spills. WOW! What a thrill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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