Blu Ray Blues

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Default Blu Ray Blues

My nearly new Sony Blu Ray shows DVDs and BDs in shades of blue only. No amount of adjustments make any difference. Worked fine one day and all blues the next. I sent an email to Sony. I don't think anyone in my household changed any settings but . . . . .

Anyone ever hear of this or experience it?
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Sounds like you just bought the Blue Ray. You needed to buy the Blue, Red and Green Ray.
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I am done with Sony, my SXRD 60" tv has a known optical block problem. I hope that I am one of the lucky ones for mine still looks good. Sony did (after a class action suit) extend the warranty on the OB.
I am looking for a BD player now and Oppo just came out with a third model for under $300.00. They have a loyal following on avsforum.
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On all discs or just one? If just one, or a few, you may not have the most current firmware needed to run disc(s). Check the Sony website for details and instructions.
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Did you check your connections? Could be a lose component connection if your using components instead of HDMI.
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I would go here and ask, much larger base of users .

Try unplugging the Blu Disc player and the tv. wait 30 seconds and plug back in. If u are using hdmi, try using component and see if it works.My projector sometimes only shows green, when I reboot by unplugging all is well .

Check the tv for input settings, is it set for hdmi.

Check blu disc players settings again, is it set for 1080i. or 1080p output thru hdmi
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I agree, usually the change of color display suddenly indicates a connection problem. Try changing the connection cords or types of connections to see if the problem corrects itself. Another possiblity is the BluRay itself may not be compatable with your player! Don't you love that one. AVS forum is the main source for information on players and video/audio related questions. I have relied on them for many years.
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