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Default Vietnam Vets Virtual Wall

Just thought I would share this with you. I have found three people on the wall I went to school with. One I knew died in Vietnam the other two I just found while reading through. Great site.
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Very hard to read this -

My fellow Air Cav trooper, friend,and machine gunner is not listed in that site but is indeed on the wall and the official wall website
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I would like to say thank you to any Veterans that look at this thread. I believe that you all don't get thanked nearly enough for your service for our country. God bless you and your families for the sacrifices you have made so that we may have the freedoms we enjoy today. Reading this post, looking at the wall makes me sad and proud of all of you.
My father passed several years ago, he has 8 brothers, atleast 6 of them went to Vietnam. When they came down for the funeral, after a couple of beers they started talking about the war, some made jokes about things like the enemy "escaping" from helicopters while they were flying, etc...the other half had to leave the room b/c they couldn't utter the word or even hear the word. What amazed me was the fact that we think of war as one thing, but those that are there have totally different experiences in what we consider to be the "same" place, all bad but some unbearable......
Again, god bless you all, and thankyou...
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It bothers me that all sorts of crazy posts get hundreds of hits and responses...from snow on the ground to someone scratched my boat...but a thread commemorating our vets doesnt get hardly any responses...maybe I am missing something..
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I remember goin to the wall with my dad when I was a kid and watching him ask the folks there where certain peoples names were. Every name was someone he lost while over there, and he still took it hard. We spent at least 5-7 minutes at each name while he talked to them. He cried. First and only time I ever saw that. It ended up getting the better of him a few years later. He killed himself in the shower at the armory in March of '89. Some demons just can't be shaken.
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Half Hitched I am soo sorry.....Damn, There are many more out there like your father, I cant imagine what he and others like him have gone through, which is why every time I get the chance to thank a Vet I do. I do a-lot of marketing all over the country at various health fairs and such,, when I meet a vet and thank them you should see how surprised they are, especially the older vets, most say they rarely ever hear that...
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Thanks guys, you are all appreciated.

I'm too young to know anybody on the wall, so I just went through my area and clicked some random names. Very sobering. So many to die so young, so far from home. To all you Vietnam Vets, WW vets, Korean vets, and everyone who now or ever was in, THANKS! it's a serious sacrafice and y'all do not get thanked enough.

and Half-hitched - sorry brother. your dad's name should be on there too.
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It is eerie looking at the real wall in DC and thinking about what it means. It gives you the chills. Thanks to all who serve our country!
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