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Default Craigslist

I put an add up last night for some tires I have. Got a reply this morning. Maybe they need to work on their English:

Heyy nfriends call me Jazmin

I noticed your post on craiglist and I'm located in charleston too! I wish you are flawlessly the type of guy I am swifly love.

I am 22 1/2 years old, clearly out college and not nfloating on air for anything serious, just a nexciting guy .

You can take in my information and a ton of pics on this dating website I am part of. Some of them will lead to some snobby parts ;-)

Here's the dating site I talking abt : www.amate

After you sign in, go to the search and type in: lovly70 (that's my username there) If you like me, please drop me a message there ;-). My cell number is on there if you want aswell.

wish to get a line from you asap!


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Sounds like a keeper
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Originally Posted by Joe View Post
.......clearly out college..........
Hmmm...yeah right!
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Damn...the site doesn't work...................................:ba nghead:
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Hey Joe, hell with the girl what size are the tires.
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It was all a big misunderstanding. She thought you were looking for a girl that has a "spare tire" around here waist.
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If you dont end up going out with her would you mind if I ask her out? haha
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Originally Posted by triumphrick View Post
Damn...the site doesn't work...................................:ba nghead:
it will work if you will change amate_urmatch to amateurmatch
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