VW Jetta TDI

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Default VW Jetta TDI

Anyone here have any first-hand experience with a 2009 or newer Jetta TDI? I am aware of the problems VW has in recent years with quality and reliability, but the last couple of years have brought improvement according to what I have read in car magazines and reviews. I drove one during lunch today, and was impressed with how it handled and the pep(for a diesel). Also impressed with the fuel economy--I drive 35-40K miles each year, and am looking for a more practical vehicle that's cheaper to own and operate than my Maxima.
Any input would be appreciated.......
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I've looked at them myself. Wy wifes 07 Accord will soon have 100k on it. Hope somebody up here can give us some firsthand info on the TDI.
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presently run 03 Golf--- run great and lots of power w turbo kickin--I live 6 miles from town up a mountain-- the VW will out perform my durmax up the mountain -- milage 42/gallon---having been running recycled motor oil mixed with diesel 4 to 1-- mine has 135K have seen some with 300K-- I do my own work --I just keep changing fuel filter ( 20K)and Oil filter (5K) LOL--- I recycled the used oil into fuel-- I always carry spare fuel filter when traveling -- just in case of bad fuel---The newer ones run great but have a fuel sensor which stops use of recycled oil ( so I am told ) I have replaced the Map sensor--
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There are a number of places to go and check. the TDIclub Forums is a great one and VWVortex is another.

I've got a 2000 Beetle TDI with over 150K on it. Absolutely no mechanical problems with it. It still gets 42 city and 48 hwy and uses no oil between changes. It pulls my little MicroSkiff with no problems and gets about 38-40 mpg doing it.
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Great vehicle ,i know of my sister's it has been a very good car one of my friends has a TDI beetle that his daughter drives form Jersey to California on a regular basis over 150000 miles and runs like a champ . The new Jetta TDI has far more improvements making it the cheapest car to run without sacrificing the power .
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best vehicle i ever had was a 1990 jetta
worst vehicle i have ever had is a 2002 beetle (wife's car)

if it beats you down i dont think it will be the engine...look close at all the plastic everywhere...
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I had an 06 New Beetle TDI was a great car averaged 40 MPG on the Hwy, I now have an 09 Jetta Gas as the TDI's were not released yet great car no issues and little over 23K. Former co-worker bought the new TDI and he loves it, even traded a BMW for it.

Wish I had more info...

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The Jetta TDI was on my short list for a new car.
I'm not overly impressed by the dealers standing hard on getting full price on the TDI as they offer great financing rates and major discounts on the gas models. No such luck on the TDI.
The real cost difference wouldn't be appreciated until after 200K miles.
I'd be thrilled to reduce dependence on foreign oil but won't be abused by greedy car dealers.
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C grand is on the money.

I have 150K on mine. All four door hadles>broken (56$ each)
headliner and door panles> rotting off
3 window up / down gizmos @ 130$ each beacause a POS little plastic part failed.
Windshiled seals> rotting
Paint job is FUBAR, clear coat peeled off at 5 Years.
Good MPG and it's paid for.

If ts metal its OK.

Not metal its the worst junk you ever dreamed of.

Caveat emptor

165K on the F-150 All is good.

99K on the wifes Toyota all is groovy.

All cars are 2000-2003
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Wolkrab - We sold our Audi this past summer because I couldn't deal with Steve White Audi service department anymore. Their VW side might be better but the Audi side was a cluster. That would be my only concern. The TDI's are supposed to be incredible. I think that I read somewhere that only like 20% of what VW is importing to the US these days are gas. The demand is that high for the TDI. I guess that's why they don't want to deal on them. You may want to try the dealer in Spartanburg or Columbia.
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SCMako--I bought an Audi from Steve White--their service on that side was nothing short of stellar. That was in 2003, and I don't have any recent experience--sorry to hear about your troubles. I can't say about their VW side. You are right about them not really dealing on the TDI--I looked at one last July, and they dropped $3K off sticker right away. The best price they've given me so far is about $1.5K off sticker. When I called them on it, I was told they had incentives last year that aren't offered now.....rrriiigghhht. I've told them what I want to get on a trade, and that they will have to do better than the first offer--the salesman I am talking to said they want to sell me the TDI and they will do better. How much better, we'll see. A good thing is the tax credit I can take on it....$1700. The dealerships in Spartanburg and Columbia doesn't have any TDI sedans on the lot. They are seemingly few and far between in SC.
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Don't think twice about it...Just buy it. I bought a 2009 Jetta TDI Sportwagon. Ordered it in July 2008 and took delivery in December 2008. 13 months and 35,000 miles with not one problem. Car is fast and handles great. Fun to drive and my average is 40+mpg. Cruise set at 62mph gets me 52mpg on the highway. Car comes very well equipped so the only options are the 17" wheels and the DGS transmission. My daily driver was a 7.3 Diesel Excursion so the Jetta purchase for me was a no brainer.
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Default tdi

1996 TDI passat 5 speed. Bought it in 04 . Had to replace the computer in 06, opened the exhaust, 44/46 mpg. No other problems but sun roof don;t open now. Still ticking!!! 143,000
Bought it for $5400.00
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Bought a 98 Jetta in 99 and loved it so much I bought a 2000 in late 2000.
Bragged about the 98 so much my Uncle bought a 2000 also.
I put about 30,000 on the 98 w/no problems.
I had every thing under the sun go wrong w/the 2000.
My Uncle had a lot of trouble that wasn't related w/the trouble I was having.
Between both of the 2000's problems included;
Air condition issues (I understand they are way "over engineered")
Mass air flow sensor. (not warranted w/my car, but they paid for my Unc's)
High pressure injection pump.
4 window regulators that we had t go back and forth w/the dealer on. These were a well known problem.
I agree w/Baitkiller all the plastic inside is garbage. They put some sort of coating on a lot of the parts to give a mat or satin fintsh. It looks great at the dealership, but starts to flake off shortly. Its annoying.
Got no price break as they were selling them faster than they could produce them at the time, which could contribute to a lot of the problems we had.
My particular dealer had a super huge service dept. and it was always cookin.
I saw the writing on the wall and got rid of the 2000 about 8 months after I bought it.
For thy money we paid for those cars, we didn't get much in return.
You can buy a lot of gas for the money they overcharge you for those cars.
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The best option may be to plan on trading it in before 3 years and it's used value is relativley high before all the plastic parts start deteriating and need replacing, but that could probably be said for any vecheil you buy today, just some better than others.
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2005 model TDI Jetta - 70K miles and the only problem so far was the trunk did not shut on the first attempt if cold - no comparison to that POS Toyota Tundra I had that fell apart at 60k miles. Averages 38 - 40 mpg combined city and highway. Responsive and fun to drive. I would buy another in a second, and no, they do not negotiate much on the price.
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Just got rid of my 2003 TDI Jetta. Still have it as a company delivery car, and its going strong at 184,000 or so. I had the timing belt done twice, and regular maintenance. Thats it. Car is a great value. Mine was an automatic, and i was averaging about 42 mpg overall (mostly highway) at my peak I was doing about 1000 miles a week on that car. Hope the Mercedes holds up as well now.
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I have to 03 tdi w/143,000 miles.Only thing replaced was glow plugs an
just installed new headliner a cost of 70.00 installed.I have heard of some tdi w over 400,000 miles if maintaince.
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Bought a 2010 Jetta TDI, White Gold with black interior on Friday. I took it on a short road trip last night and today....41 MPG, combined city/highway. Gotta love that. You can barely tell it's a diesel....from inside it sounds like a regular gas 4-cylinder. It's not blindingly fast off the start, but passing is a blast....lots of torque, and it has no problems getting around someone when you need to.
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Congrats. Wife had a 2006, new body style TDI. The first thing I noticed was that it was able to accommodate my height. Bought as second car to her suburban 2500. Sold the TDI with 50k for a grand less than what I paid for it. Now she drives a Mustang GT500. Suburban sold too. Took a beating on the Suburban and I'm sure I will on the stang. The TDI not only got incredible fuel economy, but it was the cheapest 50k I've ever gotten out of any vehicle I've ever owned.

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